Little Italy Festival

So I've decided that if you live in Indiana, the land of no craft shows, you have to do a festival to get out there. I have had a pretty big bust so far, so it was with lots of fear that I decided to do the Little Italy Festival.

Boy, was I suprised! It turned out to be a great show. I made lots of new contacts and did pretty well.
This show was inside, so I was trying to stand out by using lights on my tent structure. I think it definitly caught people's attention.
I really liked the use of the lattice for hanging the plaques. The brown sets off the white of the tiles.

Still need to find a good way to display the candy bars. Can't find anything that works quite right yet.

It's was good having the schools favors in the back. People were caught by the clocks (most of them sold right away) and stayed to look at the other school items and drifted around the booth buying.