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Super Bowl Football Team Pennants

I really like the HOT trend of using pennants as party decorations. I think it adds a cheap and easy way to personalize your party and really bring out the theme, or the birthday boy/girl, or just a general party "thrill".
And since, I'm all about cheap and easy in my party decorations, I am sharing with you a few free printable pennants to help you with your Super Bowl football party. Since I don't know who is going to play in the BIG game, I am sharing all 4 potential teams and 1 Super Bowl football field pennant.

Teams are:

These pictures are designed to be 6 inches by 4 inches. They can be downloaded and printed out as they are, or you can bring them into your favorite graphics program and re-size them to fit your needs.
Each team has a set of 3 blank pennants, and 1 pennant with "Go (team name)", such as "Go Packers" or "Go Jets". The football field pennant banner has 3 blank pennants and "Super Bowl".

You can download the ZIP files here:

Have fun!

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