S'more Yummies!

One of our absolutely favorite parts of living in Indiana is the ability we have to have a backyard fire anytime we want to!  That means S'mores anytime we want to!

It's become a staple of our spring/summer/fall get togethers.  I think my kids would do it in the winter too if I'd let them (but I'm so cold by nature there's no way I'm going out in the backyard in the winter.)

We've always done the traditional s'mores with marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham crackers...but recently I ran out of milk chocolate.  (Yes, it occasionally happens in this house of chocolate that we live in.)  We were scrambling to come up with something else to I grabbed some of the left over candy in my Candy Bucket.

We grabbed Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey mini bars (Krackle and Mr Goodbars were all that was left), and a large Cookies and Creme candy bar.  Then by accident, I found that I had purchased the cinnamon flavored Graham crackers.  At first I thought "Crap!", but it was one of those spur of the moment S'mores bars, so we went with it anyway.

The consensus was they were the BEST S'mores we've ever made!
Who knew?

So don't be afraid to give your S'mores a little spice.  Next time, look outside the traditional candy bars when you are picking up the may just be surprised and amazed!

Last Minute Patriotic Party Ideas

The 4th of July is only a few days away, and if you're as busy as I have been, you don't have much time to finish off your party planning. 

So I wanted to share a few of my favorite easy ideas from my Patriotic party pinterest board.

Haven't heard of Pinterest?  It's an amazing new way to keep track of your favorite online ideas and projects.  You simply "Pin" your favorite pictures to your "board" and Pinterest saves all the information for you to easily find later.  It's like a bookmark program with all the pictures instead of lists.  Totally Amazing, right?  But the only way you can start pinning is to get an "invite" from the people at Pinterest or someone you know who "pins".  But it's TOTALLY worth it!  So if you're interested, just leave me a note (with your email) and I'll send you an's that easy to start pinning today.

So while you're looking for easy, check out some of these easy projects to spice up your party.

Check out the rest of my fun finds HERE...and I'm sure there will be more added before the weekend!  Like these amazing cookies!

Patriotic Napkin Rings GIVEAWAY!

You know when you're out shopping and you see something that you just fall in love with instantly?  You don't buy it then, but it stays with you?  Then you spend the next few weeks wishing you had bought it because it would be perfect for your next party or get together?

That's how I felt when I was going through Etsy looking for items to fit into my Patriotic Party treasury.  There were so many cute items and I added so many new shops to my favorites....but being a paper person myself, I fell in love with these Patriotic Napkin Rings by paperNplastics.

I am so impressed that they were handmade from paper!  I have no folding skills myself, so the beautiful lines are these just amaze me.  I am just in AWE with the simple and classy style of these napkin rings.  Wouldn't they be perfect for your 4th of July party?  Or what about for your Memorial day or Labor day party?  I think you could even use them during a Dora birthday party!  So versatile and amazing.

So of course, I had to peruse paperNplastics etsy shop for other items, and there are so many amazing items that I just HAVE to have for my next party. (Do you hear that hubby? HAVE with a capital H!) 

Check out these cute Pink Smoochies! You know how much I LOVE having photo booths at all my parties.  These would be so much fun to have at a Girls Night party or even a Totally 80s party.  I love how even the dowels match the pink smoochie theme!

What about this Teapot Mobile?  This would have been perfect at my Alice in Wonderland party last week.  Two of them would have looked great hanging on either side of my Teapot Chandelier.  They would have hung down over the real teapots and brought a fun sense of whimsy to all sides of the table!

I LOVE the colors and designs on these Butterfly Cupcake toppers.  Butterflies are becoming quite the rage with little girl parties and these are so intricate and beautiful they would shine on any dessert table!  They would fit right in with a fairy party too.  So cute.

I could go on and on because paperNplastic has so many great things that you NEED for your next party!

Do you need cupcake wrappers?  Check!

Do you need a cupcake stand?  Check!

Do you need flower decorations?  Check!

Do you need an amazing banner? Check!

They have some AMAZING products to help you make your party AMAZING.

They've got it all and are willing to share with you a lot of love.  PaperNplastic is giving away a set of their Patriotic Napkin Rings to one luck Kims Kandy Kreations reader!

And to show you how much we REALLY love you and appreciate our blog friends, paperNplastic is giving away a second prize of a $15 Gift Certificate to their etsy store!  So you have not one, but TWO chances to win all the things you'll need to help you make your next party stand out.

To enter:
 Visit paperNplastic's etsy shop and come back to tell me your favorite item in their store!

For extra entries:

'Heart' paperNplastic's etsy shop and come back and let me know you did.
Become a fan of Kims Kandy Kreations on facebook and let me know you did.

We'll draw both winners on Friday night (9:00 PM EST) and announce the winners on Saturday morning.  Good luck!

Congratulations to our winner!

Shout Out Sunday -- Patriotic Edition

Some great patriotic ideas to help you with your 4th of July parties from fellow bloggers..

Random Thoughts of a SuperMom shared these fun Tin Can Windsocks.  I love how simple these are.  You can have your kids help you make them with items around the house, so there's not a lot of cost and it's a great summer time activity to do with them.  And they make such a great impact blowing in the breeze!  I am going to have the kids help me make a few today for hanging on my back porch.  So clever!

Room to Inspire shared these yummy and cute Red Vine patriotic treats.  We have a huge debate in our Women's group on whether Red Vines or Twizzlers are better  (I'm a Twizzler fan myself), but either way you go, these treats would be perfect for a Fireworks viewing party.  They are so cute with the blue and white paper and the red treats.  Pass these out and then sit back and enjoy the show.  Definitely going to make these!

Come Together Kids shared how to make these cool Glow in the Dark Drinks.  I CAN NOT wait to make these for the holiday.  What's better than a drink that glows? Nothing!  And it's alot more simple to make than you would think.  This is one of those amazing "Why didn't I think of that" ideas?

Pink Ink Doodles shared her 4th of July Printable.  I LOVE subway's a simple, fun, easy way to decorate for any occasion.  And I have LOTS of fun fonts, so what better way to use and show them off than a cute printable?  Kalie did a great job on this one and it will be a great addition to my patriotic mantel.

No Biggie shared her 4th of July printable which would be perfect for a party favor!  I keep looking at this trying to figure out what it is exactly that I love so much about it...I don't know.  I just Love it ALL.  I like how it's 3 dimensional and not static.  I love the bright colors. (I'm a sucker for bright colors.)  And the mix of stars and stripes in such patterns just makes me smile. 

Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #18

It's been another crazy week here.  I keep waiting for summer to really feel like it's here.  I've done so much running around taking the kids to and from doctor appointments, camps, and other places that I don't feel like we're getting to enjoy the quiet days of a relaxed summer.
So we've decided to take 2 weeks off of work, camps, and responsibilities.  We will probably take a few day trips and enjoy the beauty of the area before we move this fall and find new adventures waiting for us.
So starting July 4th, I'm closing down my online stores and taking a "Summer Vacation".  I will be featuring several amazing parties that I've found through Blog Land here on the blog, but if you need something from me...I won't be around much.  But I'll be back July 18, recharged and ready to start getting ready for the upcoming holidays.  (Yea, it takes me that long to get ready for Christmas!)
Our Blog of the Week this week is:

Making Memories who shared her Pokemon Goodie Bags.  I am so thrilled that she shared these with us.  When I first saw these, I fell in love and had to pin them to my Pokemon party board.  She did an amazing job with these goodie bags.  I love the survival kits, the fun cookies, and the personalized Pokemon cards are just AMAZING!  It's the perfect goodie bag for any Pokemon party!
If you really want to see amazing, you definitely need to go check out the final Pokemon party.  Erin did a great job and you can just see how much fun the boys are having.  I think the party food is so clever with all the fun names directly relating to the Pokemon world!  I LOVE when parties do that.  Erin has LOTS of fun, yummy treats throughout her blog that you can make with your kids.  Her Somoa Cookie Caramel Brownies are definitely going on our Brownie board for when "The Daredevil" is ready for his Brownie Shop.  And these Squiddle Hot Dogs are such a fun idea that I can't wait to try them.
You definitely need to go check out Erin's blog Making Memories
.  Your kids will thank you and you'll be excited at all the fun and amazing project she shared.

Now let's get our party started...
Our featured party favor for this week is a brand new product in our store.

You've seen these stickers on our personalized whirlypops, but have asked for them separate.  So we're doing our best to accommodate.  We are slowly adding just the stickers to our site.  You can now get Elmo, Big Bird, Pokemon, Candy land, and more in stickers perfect for you to put on your party envelopes, party treat bags, and more.  The stickers are availabe in 3 sizes... 3/4 inch (perfect for placing on Hershey Kisses), 2 inches, and 3 inches.
Now onto the party!
Show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!

Linky Party Guidelines:
* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
*Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)

Shopping for a Patriotic Party

Every year for the past 4 years on the  fourth of July we have had a HUGE Block party with all our closest friends.  We love to be able to spend the day together grilling, playing, talking, and shooting off fireworks.  Since we will be moving this fall, this may be our last 4th of July spent this we're going out with a BANG!
And to start us out, I'm sharing some fun patriotic party favors and treats from the small businesses of Etsy to make the party a little sweeter!

'A Patriotic Party' by ChocolateBoxTreats

Everything you need to celebrate the 4th of July in a patriotic fun way!

July 4th Star Flag Cake Pops...

American Classic Wreath

Red, White and Blue Fabric ...

FIREWORKS Holiday Sugar cook...

Patriotic Printable PHOTO BO...

Stars and Stripes 4th of Jul...

Patriotic Wine Glass Charms ...

Red White Blue Star Spangled...

Handmade Fabric Bunting/Flag...

50 red and blue stars paper...

vintage atlas & ball glass t...

Lucky Stars (100): Patrioti...

15 Patriotic Mini Ribbon Wan...

Red,White and Blue Paper Cir...

NEW Red White and Blue Patri...

Modern Patriotic Paper Star ...


Happy Father's Day

I am spending the day today with my wonderful husband and father of my sweet children

and missing my wonderful daddy who is too far away to enjoy the day with.

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful men who are a blessing in a child's life!

Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #17

Today is the big day for the Alice in Wonderland birthday party that I have been OBSESSING over for the past few weeks.  I feel like I have alot of it ready to go, but I'm sure I'll be stressing all day over the hundred little things that I forgot.
I am so thrilled with all the wonderful comments left this week on my Wonderland projects.  Especially the Teapot Chandelier.  It was such fun to make that and I it makes my heart warm to see all the nice comments that everyone left me.  Thanks so much!  I hope the birthday girl likes it as much.  I did add some bling to it and admittedly still have it hanging in my living room trying to see if it's enough or not.  Hopefully I'll be able to share pics tomorrow.

I may actually take the morning off from stressing and go garage sale-ing (never quite figured out how to spell that it saling?? is it saleing?? it just doesn't look right either way.) 
I really don't buy anything usually.  There's not a lot of point when I'm getting ready to move and am downsizing...but I enjoy going with my friends and just looking for the unexpected find.  Occasionally I'll actually find some boys' clothes that my boys will ACTUALLY wear...or something that I just can't live without...but it's rare.  But I do it anyway.  It's fun.
Another fun thing is to give away party favors!
This week's blog winner of the Twilight coaster set is
Ladybird Lane who shared her Dad's Day Printables just in time for Father's day.  For those of you (like me) who haven't gotten the father's day thing done yet (I may have to swing by the store on my garage sale journey)...this may be the perfect way for you to make a great card or how about a t-shirt for the Super man in your life.  I wonder if I can fit this on a tackle box or hat for my hubby?  He'd LOVE it...there seems to be a superman obsession with the men in my family so this is perfect!

In fact, Ladybird Lane has a few good ideas for a last minute father's gift.  This Photo Collage Pillowcase would be a great gift for any dad...especially one on the go for military or work trips.  And while you're making one pillow, add another pretty one and join the Pillow Fight over at Ladybird Lane.  She's joining in a wonderful cause to donate pillowcases to charity.  Read about it HERE.  My daughter and I just made pillowcases yesterday (for the sack races at the party.)  It was a wonderful experience and my daughter had a fun project.  I think I'll have her make a few more and donate it to Malynn's goal.

While we are doing that...let's get this Linky Party started.
This week's featured party favor is new to our store...
If you haven't see these before...they are a new CRAZE running through the party scene.  They are containers much like the Push Pops you had from the ice cream man as a child, except that these pops are to be filled with mini cupcakes for a yummy treat.  They are perfect for a sweet treat at birthday parties because the little ones can walk around with their cake and not worry about having cake everywhere.  They also allow you to display your cake in a fun way on your dessert table.  And if you add a cute personalized sticker to the front, you can add a whole new level of unique to your birthday cake!

Now show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!
Linky Party Guidelines:
* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
*Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)