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Patriotic Cake Shooters

If you've been admiring and drooling over the latest party ideas lately, you've seen the new trend of having Cupcake Shooters at parties.

What?  You haven't heard of these yummy little treats?

Cupcake Shooters are your childhood treat revisited.  

You take an old fashioned Push Up Pop treat container, and instead of filling with ice cream, you fill with mini cupcakes!

You can make your cupcakes into colors to match your holiday or theme for the perfect little treat.  Now little hands can carry their cake without worrying about a spill!  You can stack your cupcakes in a cute way at your party!  Or you can send cupcakes home as a party favor in a fun new way!  So clever and cute!

To make Patriotic Cupcake Shooters, start by making up a white cake mix.  (I use a box's just easier.)  Then split up your mix into 2 bowls.  Using food coloring, die the mix using red and blue.

Now pour your colors into mini cupcake pans.  Be sure to use liners so your colors will stay soft and true and not get that browned look you get without a liner.

Now take your Cake Shooter and place a little bit of white frosting on the bottom push piece.

Unwrap your cupcakes from the liner and place the red one on top of the white frosting.

Place more white frosting on top of the red cupcake and top with a blue mini cupcake.

Add more white frosting and decorate your Cake Shooter with red, white, and blue sprinkles...or a Starburst Star.

To make a Starburst star, use a red starburst (sure would be nice if they were available in white and blue too...oh well.)

Unwrap your starburst and roll it out flat using a heavy duty rolling pin.

Now using a small star fondant cutter, (I found mine at Jo-Anns in the cake decorating section), cut out a star shape from the smooshed Starburst.

If you really want to dress up your Cake Shooter, add a fun sticker to the outside!  Here's a free printable for you to add to the side of your Cake Shooter for the 4th of July holiday.  Print it out on sticker paper and use a 2 inch circle punch to cut it out.  (These would also make great Cupcake Toppers for your patriotic cupcakes if you print them on card stock and attach to a sucker stick or toothpick!)

and here is a blank set...

To purchase Cupcake Shooters for your next event, you can check them out HERE.  If you are looking for fun stickers to add to your shooters, you can find them HERE.

We are going on Vacation for the 4th holiday, so we are celebrating our Country's Birthday early with a 15% off code good on anything in our store! Use code "PatrioticSweets" by June 30th and your order will be shipped before we go.


  1. sooooooooooo darling!!!! i LOVE IT:)

  2. We love this! We featured it on our blog!

    Feel free to come by and grab a button!

  3. Love the RWB theme with the candy star! Yummy! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!



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