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Cream of Easter Soup Free Printable

I was looking for a fun, little gift to give my friends and ladies that I visit for church this Easter, when I remembered the Cream of Friend soups that I made so long ago at craft fairs.  I decided to adapt them a little and add a sweet treat to the inside.

I grabbed a Campbells Chicken Noodle soup can since it had a pull top lid and then used my Pampered Chef can opener since it made a safe, ridge free top when I used it.  I know that Walmart carries these too, so you can check there if you don't already have one.

Once I got my lid off, my kids enjoyed a yummy dinner of Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  When we were done, along with the dishes, I washed out my soup cans and pulled off the Campbell's labels.

I filled the cans with yummy chocolate candy, but you can use just about anything to fill these.  Try making Easter sugar cookies.  (Just make sure they are small enough to fit down into the can.)  How about a small stuffed animal?  Small toys? Use your imagination.

Once my candy was down inside the can, I used a bit of glue along the edge of the lid.  I carefully placed it back onto the can and waited for it to dry.

While it was drying, I printed out the Cream of Easter soup printable onto cardstock and cut it out.

When it was ready, I wrapped the printable around the can and secured it with a little bit of glue on the inside edge of the cardstock.

Now I had a simple easy gift that was going to surprise my friends.

You can use this free printable if you'd like to pass along a little Easter love.

Or if you'd rather get a little more creative, I added a set of 5 Easter Soup printables to the store HERE.  You can get Cream of Bunny Brew, Cream of Chocolate Bunny, M&M Easter Soup, Christian Survival Soup, and our free Cream of Easter Soup.

All the printables are designed to fit a Campbells regular soup can and are 2 to a page.  All but the free Cream of Easter soup have fun or religious poems on the side so you can give a little Easter spirit with your gift.

Check them out HERE.

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