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February Blog Review

The first part of February was really good visitors wise with a lot of Valentine visits on old and new crafts.  Once the holiday ended, traffic dropped dramatically.

I know it's partly due to my new party theme being very specific.  There isn't a lot of blog traffic out there looking for what I'm offering right now.  I am hoping that will change with the release of the Divergent movie next month. I don't know if that will help me by already having the information in place, or hurt me as everyone else puts posts up at the time of the movie release.

I am not sure what's going on with the Alexa ranks.  About the start of the month, they started climbing and I am not sure what's causing that.  The only real tweak I made to the blog this month was moving some Adsense ads around and at the end, I moved my social buttons to there own page tab.  (We will see how that affects my social numbers next month.) So I'm not sure why the ranks are climbing so drastically and whether I should be concerned or not.

I'm still struggling to find a good partner fit for my blog as far as advertising and Share A Sale goes, I tried a few things this month with no response on any of it.  I'm not sure if my blog is a good fit for affiliate marketing or not, but I'll keep trying and we'll see.

In the meantime, here are February's numbers:


Google Analytics:
People Visiting Site:   22151  (-2266)
Unique Visitors:          20153    (-6484)
Page views:                   49820    (-11344)
Pages/Visit:                     2.25     (-0.05)
Average Visit:                0.46    (-.04 sec)
Bounce Rate:                31.11     (-.27)
New Visits:                     87.49    (-1.54)

Alexa Rank Worldwide:      223554 (+48919)
Alexa USA:                                 69265    (+33616)
Blog Followers:                              388      (+79)
Twitter Followers:                       530   (+37)
Facebook Followers:                997  (+14)
Pinterest Followers:               2918  (+94)
Instagram Followers:             28
Google +:                                      42

Amazon                    -28.47
Infolinks                     +0.86
Rivit                           +5.87
Google Adsense        +18.91
Escalate                   -6.15
Sverve                       -3.00
Swagbucks               +5.00
Social Spark                 0.00

Decrease in profit:  -6.98

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