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About to Pop Baby Shower

We're moving on to some really cute Baby Girl showers this week.

I had to start with this wonderful and fun "About to Pop" baby shower from My Insanity.  She uses popcorn, cake pops, lolli-POPS, and Pop art!  How fun!!!

Be sure to check it out since she also includes great printables to help you throw your own party!

Doctor Seuss Baby Shower

Kara from Kara's Party Ideas has the cutest Doctor Seuss baby shower!  She made a table for each of his most popular books, with the neatest cupcakes and decorations to go along.

I must be in a crazy cupcake craze right now, but I LOVE how she made all the different cupcakes for each table.  So incredibly ingenious!  And that favor tin?  How sweet is that?  A person is a person no matter how small! 

This shower would be a little labor intensive--but oh so worth it!

Baby Shower Favors

As I was thinking about this post and what I could show you as my favorite baby shower favors, I had a hard showers are so personal and the themes are so different.  There is no way to be able to show you everything that could be done for them.

 My favorites are always the candy bar favors.  They are so versatile and can be personalized for any idea, color, or theme.  I have used templates for great favors and I have designed up bars for individual clients.  The personalized ones are ALWAYS my favorite by far.  I wish I had taken pictures of some of them, but I didn't. 

These would also be great as baby announcements!  How fun and sweet!

I also enjoy doing the gum heads in the boy and girls.  Gum heads are such a different idea.  They take a regular 5 pack of your favorite gum and wrap a foam core around in pink or blue, depending upon your baby shower gender.  Then we add a little boys head, a pair of matching pink or blue slippers, and a bottle with "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy" on it.  They can even be personalized with the Mother or Baby's name instead.  So cute!!

What about using a sweet theme to add candy to your baby shower?  Use Whirly Pop lollipops to add a little sweetness in your favorite theme.  Personalize a sticker on the front with your baby shower details and theme.  A cute Sesame Street theme would be so sweet!  Or how about Tigger bouncing into your party?

I am also totally in love with the cute cupcake holders that are out right now.  I have recently been adding them to my shop in different themes.  What about a Little Princess theme for a baby girl shower?  Or a cute Train for a little boy?  Or just go generic with a "Baby Boy" cupcake wrapper in blue or "Baby Girl" cupcake wrapper in pink?  They would dress up your table with some real pizzazz.

The favors and decorations are what really make your party stand out above the rest!  Personalize it with your own favors and treats to make it truly SWEET!

What are your favorite baby shower favors?

Rubber Duckie Baby Shower

This party I'm sharing today is originally a 1st Birthday party by Corey Williams Photography, but I just loved how cute it turned out.  Wouldn't it be adorable as a Baby Boy shower? 

The blues and yellows just call out for little boys.  The decorations would be so simple to make.  Just order a bunch of yellow rubber duckies from Oriental Trading or your local store and WHALLA!  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how cute it is!

Baby Shower Blues

It's not that I'm in the mood to have a baby, I'm not.  To be honest, I am REALLY looking forward to my youngest finally going to ALL day school in a few weeks.  I'll miss my kids, but the thought of having LONG hours of freedom to get everything done is just so tempting!

But these next two weeks we are focusing on baby showers!  Many of my friends and a sister or two are expecting, and so we're celebrating the birth of some sweet little ones.  This week we're looking at a baby boy shower.

I absolutely LOVE the blue and brown trendy colors that are so hot right now.  So as we plan this week's baby shower, I'm going to focus on those fun colors.

So LOOK at all these cute baby shower finds from some great ETSY sellers to help you throw an amazing blue and brown baby shower!

This is such a cute invite.  I'm a little more partial to the polk-dots, if you can't tell, but I love how the colors just draw you in, how simple this invite is, and how elegant it looks.  DegitalDelight did an amazing job with this brown blue damask baby shower invite!

It would be great to send a PolkaDotsAndPaisley's Save the Date cards too so you can make sure everyone remembers to come to your party!

Now that you've got your invites set, it's time to start the fun party....DECORATING.  It's always my favorite thing to do!

WBurley74 has an amazingly cute name banner where you can add the baby or mother's name to hang on the wall.  Wouldn't that be so cute?!  Or maybe you can just say "Baby Smith" or whatever for the family's name if you don't want to pressure the mom into announcing the permanent name now.

You can also use TheFortunateHome's blue and brown napkin rings,  ThePaperAddict's confetti baby boy pieces, and ChristaCraft's diaper cake to decorate the tables.

How about putting water bottles in this Striped Planter tub by BrodyAndMa's shop?  Then, the mother-to-be can put the gifts she recieves in it when the party's over for an easy way to transport all of her adorable new clothes, socks, and blanket treats?

Now it's on to the food. 

SugarAndFlour has the yummiest looking baby rattle's I've seen in a while.  These would be a sweet addition to your table. Your guests may not want to eat them they look so good!

If not, then they can eat cupcakes made with TheBakersConfections' Blue and brown cupcake liners and topped with BugABoo's personalized photo cupcake toppers.  Aren't they amazing?  You obviously can't put the baby's picture on there, but the happy mom's would certainly be a fun way to celebrate her!

You would certainly want to add some candy to the table with blue and brown M&Ms or PoshPixel's Hershey Kiss printable stickers!  You can even put the M&Ms or Kisses in AsAlway'sAngela's petal boxes or PaintedWithAHeart's Mini Pinatas as a favor to take home.

What a great party this will be with all these cute decorating ideas and treats for your guests.  But to make the party perfect, you need a great gift for you to give as the hostess.. Something the mom will always remember and cherish...

I LOVE this Village Wisdom Box by VillageWisdom!  What is a village wisdom box?  Here's what the description says, "We've created a special customized box with beautiful embossed note cards, customized instructions, birthday greetings, and a lock that opens with numbers corresponding your baby's 13th year."

How awesome would it be to to have each guest write an memory of the pregnancy, advice for the child, or some sweet wish and lock it inside this box?  The mother can be given the box and more cards so she can continue to write as the child gets older.  Then the child can recieve it on his birthday years from now as a wonderful gift filled with love and thoughts about HIM.  Who wouldn't just love that?

You would throw a baby shower the mother and child will remember for years to come!  How great is that?