Purple Pennant and Ribbon Banners

Every little fairy needs to have their name on a pretty pennant banner on their birthday!

So today I created these banners for the Tinkerbell party favor table.

I used the same method that I used for my Chef party Sweets banner to create the little girl's name banner.
I used a light purple card stock for the name's letters and the pennant triangles and a darker purple for the circles under the letters.  Then I glued the pennants to some Walmart light purple ribbon.

Behind the party favor table I created a ribbon banner.

I purchased a Ribbon Jar from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course).  The jar had one yard of 15 different types of purple ribbon.  I cut the ribbon into 6 inch lengths and glued to a white Walmart ribbon.

On the party day, I will probably use a touch of hot glue to secure the ribbon across the banister, but for now, I just taped it.  Not real great for pictures, but it still looks cute, don't you think?

Wait until you see the cute party favors I'm going to line up on this child size favor table!
So cute!
And if you're lucky...I may just have a few to share!


  1. Love how you're DIY-ing everything so creatively! This pennant banner and ribbon fringe are really cute!

  2. Ribbon fringe!!! What a great project! Your banner is perfect! So sweet.
    Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)