Shout Out Sunday

Here are a few of my favorite party ideas from fellow bloggers...

Moore Minutes threw a Light Up the Dark party where she shared how to make these fun Glowstick Lanterns.  I can't get over how COOL and fun these look.  What a great idea these would be to line the path to your house or around the table at your party.  We are planning one last BIG hoopla before school starts and these will definitely make an appearance at our party.

A Creative Princess shared how she made the Magnetic/Chalkboard Bingo games for her grand kids.  I'm so glad that she kept going through the craft mishaps that happen to all of us to make this fun game.  This is a great idea for all the summer road trips we go on, or would make a fun party favor for a kids birthday party.  You could make it in any theme with the same printables.  What a clever idea to magnetize everything, even the chalk!  LOVE it!

I'm Topsy Turvy shared this Dr Seuss party invitation for her daughters birthday.  I can't say WOW! enough times on this amazing invitation.  She wrote and printed this whole invite to look like a Cat in the Hat book with the party information inside the story.  With pretty good instructions on how she made this, it doesn't seem like it's for the faint of heart crafter, but if you are looking for an AMAZING invitation, this would be a real hit!

Brassy Apple shared how she made this Angry Birds Game.  Although I've never played it myself (but yes, I have it on my phone for my kids), I know how popular Angry Birds are right now and this game would be great to have at a birds themed party.  It would also be a fun afternoon activity...with alot of supervision I'm sure. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue giving my kids slingshots and rocks!  I can just see their brother(s) becoming those naughty pigs! But I know they'd have a blast playing this game.

How to Nest for Less showed how she made this Football Wreath.  Football has already started in our home.  The "Perfectionist" will start high school football this year and has been unofficially practicing since before spring last year.  This week we will go into FULL football swing and I admit, I'm READY!  As easy and simple (but looks time consuming) as this wreath looks, I am going to spend an afternoon catching up on my Cupcake Wars with this as my project.  Can't Wait!

Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #22

I am SO VERY sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  It was not intended.  In fact, I had the post mostly done, but life got in the way.

See, I got hurt this week playing with the kids.  It was nothing too serious, but unfortunately it made it hard to do anything.  Seems like everything I did took WAY longer, was WAY harder, and made me WAY tireder. (Is that a real word?)

So please forgive me..and I promise you'll see my yummy cupcakes for our princess baby shower next week.  As well as some other fun projects I've got planned.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some business news.  This won't be for everyone, so if you're here for the party, go ahead and go "in" and celebrate at the end of the post.  But if you purchased our Chocolate Covered oreos from the GroopDealz site this week and are needing to know how to redeem your coupon, here's an easy tutorial for you.

Visit our online store at and choose Chocolate Covered Oreos from the left sidebar.

Although the deal was for the White polka dot Oreos, I have made the coupon good on ANY of our $15.00 oreos.  That makes it so you can choose almost any oreo for your party or gift giving needs.  You can choose the Polka dots, or if you're having a Volleyball team party, you can choose those.

If you need a special color in your oreos, be sure to note that in the Chocolate Notes section so we can make your oreos in milk or white chocolate.

Add your oreos to your cart.

You will need to log in or make an account at this point so we know where to send your oreos.

If you purchased more than one dozen oreos, due to the fact that our cart system will only let us use one coupon per order, you will have to redeem them in 2 separate transactions, or just let me know you want both of them in the Special Notes section of checkout.

Two options for shipping will come up.  Go ahead and choose the Priority mail shipping. 
Don't worry, you're coupon will take it off!

At this point, enter your GroopDealz coupon code in the Discount coupon box and select Check/Money order as payment.

The coupon will take off $21.70 making your Oreos FREE after your GroopDealz purchase!

It really is rather easy, I just wanted to walk everyone step by step through the process so there wasn't any confusion for less computer savy people.  I didn't want anyone to get lost along the way and not get their oreos.  After all, these are a great addition to any party, as a yummy Christmas or birthday gift, or as a sweet treat for a Pick-me-up kind of day!

Since this post is already so long, I want to get right to the Linky party.
Show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!
Linky Party Guidelines:
* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
*Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)

Gifts for the Princess and Siblings

As a gift for our sweet little princess, I am making this Princess Personalized Name plaque for her nursery. It's straight from our online store and will sit perfectly on her room door.

The plaque is a 3x6 inch ceramic tile with a permanent sticker on the front.  This will allow it to weather the storm as she grows older and let her be Daddy's little princess for years to come.

And to try and avoid the sibling rivalry that sometimes comes with having a new baby in the house, I made a personalized name plaque for her older sister and brothers too. This will allow them to get a fun gift at the Welcome Baby Shower.

Her older sister is really into Harry Potter right now, so we made this Gryffindor name plaque for her.

Her 7 year old brother is really into Star Wars, so I made a Light saber name plaque for him.

Her other little brother is 3 and into Dinosaurs, so this Brontosaurs name plaque is for him.

What do you think of giving gifts to the older siblings at a baby shower?  Is it a good idea or not?

Princess Brownie Bites

I admit, these sweet little princesses were not in my original plan when starting this project.
I saw these at Hobby Lobby last week and thought they would be great to have on my princess party dessert table.

Wilton POPS Princess Pixs, 8-Count

 But I forgot to buy them this morning and ended up watching the mother-to-be's kids while she went and had the star of our Princess Baby Shower this afternoon.  (She's a beautiful little girl!)  So I had to improvise and made these Disney Princess themed Brownie Bite Toppers.

To make these I started by cutting out the print file of the Disney Princess Toppers.
The toppers have princesses from The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Alladin, (Tangled) Rapunzel, and Beauty and the Beast.

I tried both hand cutting these and using my cutting machine to do it.  They weren't too hard to cut out, just time consuming and a lot of Little cuts.

After I finished cutting them out, "Daredevil" and I baked our brownies in this fun brownie pan.

I've been wanting this pan for a while after buying "Daredevil" this fun book for Easter.  It has so many great ideas that I'm sure you'll be seeing variations of a lot on my blog.

We filled the pan up 2/3 of the way full and cooked it on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Some of the bites had tops on them, so we cut them off to make the bites stand up level.

Then we dipped the end of a regular sized sucker stick into melted chocolate and placed it into the brownie bite as far as it would go.

After the chocolate had hardened and secured into the brownie bite, I dipped the bite into colored chocolate.  I tried to match each of the princess's dresses to the color of chocolate I dipped them in to.

Then I simply glued the princess to the top of the stick.

My sucker sticks left a little room between the princess and her dress, so if you don't want that, you could pull out the stick and glue the princess to the top of a toothpick instead.

You can also spruce up each of the princesses' dresses by adding a little bit of chocolate in designs.  I meant to, but with the extra 4 kids in my house today, it didn't happen.  But I do plan on doing this before the new little princess' welcome baby shower!

I had to try one of these so that the stick came down the bottom.  I used a toothpick to attatch the princess graphic into the brownie bite.  I also added our new Birthday Cake Pop liners. It looks pretty cute both ways!

Treats Yummy Enough For A Princess

Every princess needs the Royal Treatment when attending a ball, party, or baby shower.  Our chocolate covered oreos are just what the queen needs to keep everyone happy.

These sweet treats are double stuffed oreos covered in a yummy Merkens milk or white chocolate covering for an addicting mouthful of delight.

Whenever I bring these to a get together, or give as a Royal Offering to one of my lucky friends as a birthday or Thinking Of You gift, I am the hit of the party! 

These chocolate oreos are a mouthful of deliciousness that is almost sinfully addicting.

If you are thinking of adding these to your next party, I have got a SWEET DEAL for you today and tomorrow only. is offering one Dozen White Polkadot Chocolate Covered Oreos TODAY as their Deal of the Day!  Get 40% off these yummy cookies and celebrate in royal style.

And the great thing is, you have until Christmas to redeem them.  So order them today and bring them to your Halloween party.  Give them as an Office gift at the Christmas exchange swap.  Say Happy Birthday to your best girlfriend.  Or just hide them and eat them all yourself!

All your royal subjects will thank you.