Treats Yummy Enough For A Princess

Every princess needs the Royal Treatment when attending a ball, party, or baby shower.  Our chocolate covered oreos are just what the queen needs to keep everyone happy.

These sweet treats are double stuffed oreos covered in a yummy Merkens milk or white chocolate covering for an addicting mouthful of delight.

Whenever I bring these to a get together, or give as a Royal Offering to one of my lucky friends as a birthday or Thinking Of You gift, I am the hit of the party! 

These chocolate oreos are a mouthful of deliciousness that is almost sinfully addicting.

If you are thinking of adding these to your next party, I have got a SWEET DEAL for you today and tomorrow only. is offering one Dozen White Polkadot Chocolate Covered Oreos TODAY as their Deal of the Day!  Get 40% off these yummy cookies and celebrate in royal style.

And the great thing is, you have until Christmas to redeem them.  So order them today and bring them to your Halloween party.  Give them as an Office gift at the Christmas exchange swap.  Say Happy Birthday to your best girlfriend.  Or just hide them and eat them all yourself!

All your royal subjects will thank you.

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  1. what a special treat and you are so right every princess deserves something delicious