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Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #37

2011 has been a CRAZY year at my house....or should I say, at my Houses?  I never dreamed when I started the year that I would end it in such a new setting.  The Colorado mountains are far from the moist flat lands of Indiana...and we are far from old and dear friends.

As I look forward to 2012, I can't help but be excited about the new possibilities that await my family and my small business.  I hope to be able to dream and execute new and thrilling parties and projects to share with you.

So this week's printable is a thrilling WELCOME to all that 2012 has to offer us!

What exciting plans do you have for the new year?

Show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!

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* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
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*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)

New Years Eve Bingo Free Printable

New Years Eve has never been my favorite holiday.
I really don't enjoy staying up late and standing around at parties trying to make small talk.  It's just not my thing.  I'd much rather be with close friends and call it a night early. (I know MAJOR party pooper here.)
Since we don't have any close friends yet, we are going to spend a quiet New Years Eve at home with the kids.  To try and make it a little more exciting for them, I have created a Bingo game based on important, fun, sad, big, and little events from 2011.  This will let us have fun while celebrating and remembering the year as we say goodbye.
I have been working on this Bingo idea for almost 2 weeks now, but have had major difficulties in getting it finished.  I just can't seem to get much done when the kids are home.  They are too excited to finally be in a house again and have all their stuff.  It seems that "my stuff" keeps getting lost under theirs.
Hopefully, this game isn't too late for you to enjoy at your New Years Eve celebration this weekend!

This download comes in a zip file for you to download and print immediately.  It contains 5 pages with 2 bingo cards on each for a total of 10 cards.  Also included are 3 pages of 20 popular top events of 2011.

These events include:
Osama Bin Laden's death, Google + Launched, Harry Potter films finish, Betty Ford dies, Japanese Tsunami, Terrorist attack in Norway, Charlie Sheen Rampage, Rep. Gifford shot, Royal Wedding, Casey Anthony not guilty, Steve Jobs dies, Deadly Tornado's, Iraq War Ends, Occupy Wall Street Movement, NASA retires Space Shuttles, US Debt rating lowered, Kardashian Wedding, Arab Spring, Kings Speech wins Best Picture, Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl
Super Committee Fails, Egyptian protests topple President, Japan's nuclear disaster, Penn State Scandal, US Government faces shutdown, Martin Luther King memorial dedicated, Royal Wedding hats, Ted Williams becomes a star, England's Newspaper phone tap scandal, Amy Winehouse dies, Hurricane Irene, Earthquake in New York, US hikers set free, Gay marriage legalized in New York, World didn't end, Race for the White House begins, Joplin MO tornado, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother book published, Pontiff John Paul II beatified, US Loses World Cup in Shootout
Gaddafi Killed, Angry Birds explodes gaming market, Netflix Debacle, Water on Mars, Oprah Winfrey Show ends, Regis Philbin retires, Schwarznegger divorice, REM retires, Amanda Knox freed, St Louis Cardinals win World Series, Dallas Mavericks win NBA championship, Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup, 9/11 Memorial dedicated, Elizabeth Taylor dies, Indiana State fair stage collapse, Conrad Murray found guilty, Unemployment hits high, Greece debt crisis, Facebook gets facelift, Lady Antebellum's Need You Now wins Song of the Year

It was kind of hard to figure out 60 events that weren't all depressing since it was such a hard year for so very many in the world, but I hope there is enough of a mix of fun and serious events to make it a Bingo game worth remembering as you say goodbye to a year many want to forget.

Download your FREE New Years Eve Bingo Printable HERE.

Welcome 2012!

Now that Christmas is over, I'm looking into the New Year with excitement and hope.

The past few months have been crazy for me and due to that, I haven't been very good at blogging.  There haven't been many new projects, and my regularity has been TOTALLY shot to pieces.

But I'm finally in my new home.  I finally have working Internet.  I finally have a space where I can create and craft.

So look for new and fun parties and ideas as we go into 2012.

To kick off the New Year, here are some great party decorations, treats, and favors from the small businesses of Etsy to make your New Years Eve Party a blast.

'Welcome 2012'

Welcome in the New Year with a fun party using these great decorations, treats, and party favors.

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Crayola Winner

So sorry for the lateness in posting this! I know I said I would do it early this morning, but I currently have no Internet and haven't found a wi-go spot in town yet. But I did want to quickly announce the winner of the Crayola Ultimate Giveaway... Congrats Carrie who said "I love pipe cleaners. :)" Thanks to all who entered!

Merry Christmas to Me!

Today I'm getting the best Christmas present I could have asked for!

We are FINALLY moving into our new house.

No more hotel living.  No more cramped spaces.  No more eating out for every meal.  No more crying over the "stuff" I don't have.

We will FINALLY be home!

Christmas Projects Galore

I'm getting super excited that the day of moving is almost here.  We are so ready to be in our house and have our stuff again, but most especially to get our Christmas tree and holiday decorations up and filling our home with the Christmas spirit.

In the meantime, not only are visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, but these fun Christmas ideas that were shared in this weeks Shindig Saturday Linky party are!

An Artsy Christmas and Giveaway

This is a sponsored post by Crayola and My Blog Spark.  All opinions and ideas are my own.
My little "Mini-Me" is an artist and crafter at heart.

He always has been.  Ever since he was little, he would rather sit on my lap and work with me than watch TV or play video games with his brothers. In fact, I usually had to set up an extra spot at my work table with his own tools to make "stuff" with or I'd never get anything done. 

I love his artistic spirit.  We never worried about what to get him for a long trip, or for his birthday, or as a special was always artistic toys.  When we got ready to move, I must have thrown away or donated a BAZILLION crayons and art supplies.  I was not going to have that go with us.  I am going to be organized and careful when I got to my new home.

Only a few days into our move, I found a problem already.  I hadn't kept any supplies for the or 3 days of traveling or the 2 month hotel room stay after.  But I didn't want to go buy a box of crayons that would get smooshed or lost within hours.

Crayola to the rescue!

We were given this WONDERFUL art supply case to try.  Can I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE it?!?  It has enabled "Mini Me" to let out his artistic side in the small confines of the hotel room.  I don't worry about crayons everywhere, because everything fits so nicely in the case.  He can carry it down to the lobby and color to his hearts content.  He can sit on the bed and stay out of the way to make pictures for his grandparents.  And he has even been known to try and sneak it to church so he can color during meetings.

The Ultimate Art Supply Kit contains 24 crayons, 8 washable broad line markers, 12 colored pencils, 8 washable watercolors, 1 paint brush, school glue, scissors, and colored paper...everything your budding artist needs to create beautiful masterpieces in "little bitty living space!"

We were also given the Crayon tower to try.  I am so thrilled with this idea too.  It's compact and easy to store, so I plan to put it down in my new craft room (which I just know will be perfectly organized this time around) so that "Mini Me" can help me craft all our last minute Christmas projects.  (Don't be surprised if you see a few fun projects with a little extra crayon on them in the next week or so!)

I am really wishing I had this glow book back when the "Drama Queen" had her 16th Neon glow party.  We bought the glow paint and the kids went absolutely CRAZY over it.  They had paint everywhere and on everything.  They enjoyed using it as glowing face paint and everyone had some on their face and hands before the night was over.  (And don't worry it did come out of all the clothes and surfaces.)

But I wish I had seen this Glow book when we had that party.  It would have made a great party favor, giveaway for the games, or alternative for the paint all over everyone.  I just love how all 3 of my boys like to go into the dark bathroom in the hotel and make all kinds of neat and fun pictures.  The book comes with markers that work on the special pages to let them draw cool scenes that glow and become "animated".

The hours of use, and lack of arguing, made this book an amazing addition to our hotel stay!  I know it will get lots more use since it was a favorite with all 4 of the kids.

Crayola also gave us this Jewelry boutique.  I'll be honest, we haven't opened and used this gift yet.  I was worried about pieces everywhere, but I'm super excited to place it in my craft room and try making some jewelry with it.  Is that wrong?  I guess that just goes to show you that Crayola is great for all ages!

I've never been much of a jewelry person until I went to Utah and saw my cute Sister-in-law making her simple outfits outstanding with cute jewelry.  Since I'm so cheap and don't like to buy things if I can make them myself, I'm looking forward to trying the Jewelry Boutique out myself.

The Jewelry Boutique kit includes 8 packs of Crayola Model Magic to mold 160 beads, 5 bracelet charms, 3 pendant charms, 2 shape cutters, a bead dryer rack, 5 toggle sets, 4 earring posts and ear wires, a bead punch, 18 gems, 2 necklace cords, 1 elastic cord, and bead glaze.  That should be enough to get me started and hooked!

All of these great products were LIFE-SAVERS to my crazy life lately.  I don't know if I would have been sane after the last two months without some great people and products that have kept my children creative, busy, happy, (and not arguing!)

And to help you have a creative Christmas holiday, Crayola has given me a set of these 4 products to give to you!  Merry Christmas!!
Your Crayola Innovative Holiday giveaway winner´s prize pack will contain:

  • (1) Jewelry Boutique
  • (1) Glow Book
  • (1) 150-ct Crayon Tower
  • (1) Ultimate Art Supplies case

  • To be entered to win, let me know what your favorite crafting tool is.

    Get an extra entry by becoming a fan on of our facebook page and then coming back and letting me know!
    I'll randomly draw a winner out of all the comments on Sunday morning!
    Good luck!

    Saturday Shindig Weekly Linky Party #36

    I've been putting off Christmas this year.

    I keep thinking I'll just worry about it and "get in the spirit" when we finally get into our new house.  Everything is just been too hard in the hotel, so I put it off.

    I dawned on me this week how close Christmas is.

    It's only 2 weeks away.

    I'm really screwed.

    I have nothing done.  I have no gifts planned.  I just am not feeling the spirit and excitement of Christmas.

    Maybe it's because I haven't heard the yearly "Elf" quotes yet.  You see, I have these dear friends who believe that "Elf" is the greatest holiday movie ever made.  Every year, they quote "Elf" the entire holiday season.  It's a little weird.  But it's fun.

    I miss that this year.
    So to help myself get into the holiday spirit, here's a free "Elf" movie quote printable.

    I placed Buddy's "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear" quote onto a Joy to the World sheet music background.

    Just thought it seemed appropriate.

    Hopefully seeing this printable all week will help me get motivated and start "Christmas-sing."

    What have you been doing to get ready?

    Show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!

    Linky Party Guidelines:
    * Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
    *Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
    *Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)

    Top 10 Brownie Recipes

    Happy National Brownie Day!

    I am not sure where people get this kind of information, or who it is that decided to make a National Brownie day, but I'll take it!  I wish I could bake a big batch of brownies today in honor, but since we're STILL in the hotel, here are the Top 10 Brownie Recipes I want to try.
    (And the top 10 Brownies "Daredevil" wants to carry in his Brownie Shop.)
    In no particular order...