Hello Kitty Sweets

I guess now that I officially own a candy store, I did tell you that right? You will probably see a lot more candy in my parties and post. Okay, so you already did, but now I have access to so much more...

so many more colors...
We have pink colored Milkie candies in our shop (and lots of other colors too!)  What are milkies?  They are a cheaper, yummy M&M substitute.  You can have the taste and color of M&Ms at a cheaper price.

so many more styles...
We have lots of Hello Kitty speciality themed candy treats perfect for you to give as party favors.  We're working on getting other fun treats perfect for parties.

and so much more chocolate!
I LOVE all the new chocolate treats we can now offer.  If you've never had a chocolate covered oreo, you will not be sad at adding these to your party...until they are gone.

I guess you can expect to see a lot more candy added to the shop and to our parties with the addition of our new brick and morter store.  Come check us out for some sweet additions to your party!

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