10 Fun Ways To Wrap A Gift

So I'm sure most of you have already got your shopping done, your presents wrapped, and are sitting back enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while your children play nicely at your feet.  Not happening?  Yea, not here either.  I think I finally have all my shopping done, but I forgot to buy tape, so I'll be wrapping as fast today as possible.

At least this is one way not to have my kids guessing their gifts already.  Usually, we have presents under the tree for days ahead of time, and the kids have figured out what they are getting by shaking and rattling the boxes.  I've had to resort to a few tricks over the years to keep them from guessing.  Most of the time, I don't add any names to the gifts.  Instead, I'll choose a color or theme wrapping paper for each child and wrap all their gifts that way.  Then, as we are opening presents, I'll let them know their color.  It adds a little to the excitement.

1. Use fun fabric like this Pinterest picture from Unknown.

2. Decorate with fun tape like this Washi Tape Wrapping paper by Poppytalk.
3.Let your kids get in the fun with this Purposed Kids Art Wrapping Paper by Martha Stewart.
4. Give a double gift with a new ornament like this Rick Rack and Ornament Decoration by Parenting.

5. Use fun stickers like this Mustache Gift Wrap by Fred Flare.
6. Use a little bit of nature for a big flare like this Cheap and Chic Gift Wrap by HGTV.
7. Use brown paper and alphabet stamps like this Simple Gift Wrap by the Haystack Needle.

8. Use family pictures for a unique, personal wrap like this Family Photo Gift Wrap by Sweet Paul.
9. Wrap your gift in money like this $20 Bill Wrap from Giftypedia.
10.  Use a Pop Top Can like this Cool Wrapping Idea from Happy Hooligans.

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