2012 Year in Review Bingo Game Printable

With the end of the year, we find ourselves looking back at the highlights and low lights of 2012.  After taking a hard look, I noticed there was a lot of bad news that went on this year.  It was a little depressing, but I made a New Year's Eve Bingo game to share with you.  I tried to not have a whole lot of bad, so there are some strange news events in it.

Such as Wendy's becoming the 2nd largest hamburger food chain, The Lion King edging out Phantom of the Opera as the #1 Best Selling Broadway Show, and Gmail becoming the most popular free email service.

There are also sad things such as the demise of Hostess, Whitney Houston's death, and Representative Gifford stepping down from Congress.

I've included 10 sheets of 2 bingo cards, for a total of 20 cards.  Hopefully, that's enough for your New Year's group.  Plus, there are 4 sheets of 12 bingo tabs for a total of 48 news events.

Simply download the bingo game, unzip the file, and print onto cardstock for a fun way to review the year.  You can go to our 2012 New Years bingo game to print free!

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