GlassesUSA for Christmas

I admit it.  I'm no Fashionista.  You will never see a "What I Wore" post on this blog.  I just don't have a lot of style.  I think my sisters got all those genes in our family...or maybe they skipped a generation and went straight to my daughter.

 I will never spend hours at the store shopping for clothes, as my best gals can attest to.  Shopping for clothes is like pulling teeth for me.  So when it comes to dressing up for the holidays or a big party, I don't have a lot to work with.   But you work with what you got, right?

And since I was 15 years old, I've worn glasses.
I am almost blind as a bat, so I wear glasses from the moment I get up until I fall asleep at night.
Not a lot of fun, unless you have some super cute glasses.

I recently found and although, I've never bought glasses online before, I was pretty excited to have found them. They have a huge selection with lots of styles and colors at great prices.  Plus, there is a 110% low price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So I can't go wrong, even with my fashion sense!

And what was even more fun....I got to try them on...right from my computer.
How did I accomplish this amazing feat?

GlassesUSA has a fun feature on their site called a Virtual Mirror where you can use your computer's video cam to take a picture of yourself and try on all their eyeglasses.  Pretty genius if you ask me!

It was super easy to use and I got to see what I looked like in different styles and colors....something I'm a little nervous to do in certain stores.  (Hey, those ladies at Walmart can be a little scary, pushy, and judgmental about what glasses you try on!  Or is that just me?)

It was a lot of fun to try their Virtual Mirror and I can almost imagine myself actually looking like Tyra Banks as I "smize" and walk the catwalk in Paris this year...

okay, maybe not, but it was nice to find cheap glasses that actually make me feel like I look good when I go to Dear Hubby's work Christmas party.  

Heck, I might even get him a set since they even have multifocal glasses. (Yea, he's getting old and has gone down that road, but don't tell him I told you!)

GlassesUSA wants you to come try their Virtual Mirror and look good for the Christmas holidays too.  They are giving all of my readers 15% off your entire order, PLUS free shipping (for orders over $50) with code: FS15 or 10% off ANY prescription eyeglass order with code: BLOG10.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of GlassesUSA.  While I may have been compensated in some way for this post, all opinions are my own.

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