Last Minute Neighbor Gift Ideas and Printable

Christmas is right around the corner.
I'm super impressed with those of you who are already done and are sitting back sipping your hot cocoa laughing at me the rest of us right now.   If you're anything like me, you are scrambling around trying to finish gifts for teachers, classmates, neighbors, and friends (who didn't get a cookie plate.)

I thought I would throw together a list of last minute gift ideas to help us.
The great thing behind this list is that you can use items that you may already have around the house, or can easily find at the local store, to finish these off.  Add a fun tag, and BOOM! you're done.

Plus, I'm sharing a page of  free printable tags that you can add to a plate of sweets about 3/4 of the way down.  Hopefully that will make things a little easier on you!

100 Grand: Here's hoping you have a  Rich & Wonderful Christmas.
Almond Joy: You bring such joy to my life.
Angel: We hope you have a heavenly Christmas.
Apples: If friends (teachers, neighbors...) were like apples, I'd pick you
Bananas: If I could choose my friend, and I searched the whole world through, I'd simply go bananas trying to find a better friend than you!  You're the best of the bunch.
Basket of Bath items: When you feel like a basket case, take a break and slow your pace.
Berries: You're the berry best friend around.
Book:  I'll book you as my friend any day.
Bubblegum: May your holidays bubble over with fun.
Candle: You light up my world.
CD:  Just a note to let you know you're the best friend ever.
Chips/Salsa: You're one hot friend.
Chocolate Covered Cherries: Wishing you a very cherry Christmas.

Colored Candies: May your days be colorful and filled with joy.
Cookie Dough: Everyone needs a little extra dough for Christmas.
Gum:  By gum, you're a great friend.
Gummy Bears: I cannot bear to think what life (school, the neighborhood) would be like without you.
Gummy Dinosaurs: You're dino-mite!
Hand Lotion: A life richly blessed is one touched by a friend like you.

Hot cocoa: You warm my heart.
Ice Cream & Scoop: Here's the scoop, you're the best friend around.
Jolly Rancher: Hope you have a holly, jolly Christmas.
Juice Pitcher filled with Candy Canes: We pitcher you raising a little cane during the holidays.
M&Ms:  Wishing you a Most Merry Christmas.
Mints: I mint to tell you how much I appreciate you.

Notepad: You're a noteworthy friend.
Nutter Butter Cookies: There's nutter butter friend around.
Orange Sticks: I'll stick with you any day.
Pears: You and me make a perfect pear.
Pens/ Pencils: You have the write stuff.
Pizza: Warm up to a wonderful holiday season topped with Christmas cheer.
Plant: Thanks for helping our neighborhood grow.
Popcorn: May your holidays be poppin.
Puzzle: We go to pieces thinking where we'd be without you.
Rice Krispie Treat: You put the Snap! Crackle! and Pop! into our friendship.
Rocky Road: You make the rocky road of life so much better.
Ruler: You measure up with us.
Seeds:  The seeds of our friendship will last a lifetime.
Snickers: Don't snicker, just be glad you got something.
Soda: You make my day sparkle.
Soft batch cookies: I have a soft spot for you.
Soup Mix: You're a super friend.
Swedish Fish: Here's fishing you a Merry Christmas.
Tea: Life is full of simple pleasures, and you're one of them.
Tootsie Rolls: Rolling by with Christmas wishes.
Tray of Goodies: We tray-sure your Friendship.
Twizzlers: Twiz the season to be Jolly.
Whoppers: HHope you have a whopper of a Christmas.
Wisk filled with Hershey Kisses: We wisk you a merry Christmas

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