Sweet Candy Valentine Printables

I've been busy working to bring you some requested Valentine Candy treats this week.  These are one of my favorite things to design!  I LOVE these candy toppers for their versatility and sweet treats.  You can add them to the top of a gift as a fun "To" and "From" tag.  You can give them as part of a gift.  You can give them to your whole class as a cheap, easy Valentine treat.

I'm still working to add a whole bunch more, since the ideas are endless on what you can do and use to fill these bags.

But I've also been working to add some that weren't all "Girly" and "Mushy."  These Swedish Fish "O-Fish-ally Be Mine" toppers would be great to give to the boys in your classroom. Or how about the new "Hooked on You" Gummy Worm topper?

 And due to popular demand, I've started making these ALREADY completed.  Some of you have complained about having trouble finding the time or the candy to make these yourself.  Thanks to access to a fun candy store, I can do both.  You can find the completed toppers (with more coming soon) HERE while the printable ones are HERE.

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