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Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Tea Party Etsy Treats

This week on our blog we are hosting an Alice in Wonderland party for a sweet little girl who is turning 11!  To start us off in our brainstorming and party planning, here are some outrageously cute party favors, gifts, decorations, and treats from our the small businesses of Etsy.

'A Party Made In Wonderland' 

All the party ideas, favors, sweets, and treats you'll need to help Alice hold her Wonderland Unbirthday Tea Party

Alice In Wonderland Cupcake ...

6- Alice In Wonderland Inspi...

Personalized Birthday Party ...

Mad Hatter's Hat Pinata ...

Drink Me Carnival Straws-- w...

Heart Guards--Alice in Wonde...

Alice in Wonderland Birthday...

Alice In Wonderland Mini Sug...

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatt...

Alice in Wonderland - Mad Ha...

Giant 2 ft Alice Mad Hatter ...

Alice inWonderland Cupcake T...

Alice in Wonderland Birthday...

Pretty Butterfly Crayons- Se...

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Alice in wonderland by pool ...


Summer Daze Is Coming....

Happy Memorial Day!
This holiday always seems to mark the unofficial start of summer.  I'm ready for school to be out. I'm ready to fill up our pool and spend long lazy days out watching the kids play and swim.  I can't wait!

And to celebrate the start of summer, I've teamed up with some amazing ladies and the amazing blog While He Was Napping to bring you the Summer Daze Giveaway!  It's a whole week of great giveaways for you to join in and enter to make your summer so much more amazing.

Here are all the great ladies who will be participating:

Today on While He Was Napping is a fun sneak peek of all the fun gifts you can win! You've got to go check it out. 

 But are you are wondering about what you'll be getting a sweet chance to win on Wednesday, June 8 from Kims Kandy Kreations?

How about a DOZEN personalized whirlypop lollipops from our store!!

You can pick any design you want to match an upcoming party, a birthday, or a holiday wish!
Check out some of our favorites:


and LOTS more!

Be sure to subscribe now so you won't miss all the great party fun and giveaways!
Celebrate your summer in a sweet way.

Shout Out Sunday

A Creative Princess shared how to make these easy, but oh-so cute Mickey Mouse Necklaces.  They look pretty easy by just using the paper and dimensional glue. I love the paper and using paint chips to make it is so clever. The possibilities on these are so amazing. They would make a great party favor for a Minnie or Mickey party. LOVE IT!

Create My Event shared this cute Pajama Party Bag.  I have to admit, I have an obsession about bags.  I love them.  I have a Zillion of them.  I keep buying more.  And can I say that I plan to have one more now?  I love this bag!  It is the cutest idea.  The little pockets are perfect for carrying all the little things you need for a slumber party and that big button closure just makes it so cute.  I just hope its not too hard for my limited sewing abilities because you just never know when a night out at a friend's is the perfect ending to a play date!

Hungry Happenings shared these AMAZING and EDIBLE Chalboards.  Can you believe they are made from chocolate and are completely edible?  Such a fun and amazing idea.  I'm sure anyone would love to get one of these, but would they be fun favors for an art party?  Wow!

Homework shared this beautiful Candy Necklace.  I've seen lots of candy necklaces before, but I love the simplicity of this one.  It almost looks like a classy pearl necklace in a way.  Simply beautiful.  It's really easy too and you could make one of these with those sour balls in any color to match your party theme.  Very genius.  (And can I mention how BEAUTIFUL her pictures are? WOW!)
Lady Behind the Curtain shared these amazing Mini Firework Cupcakes on our linky party this week.  If you haven't had a chance to check them out here, or on one of the MANY websites these have been spotlighted on, I had to bring them to your attention!  They are the cutest thing and perfect for your Memorial day or Fourth of July party.  I can just image these in lots of different party colors and themes.  I was so inspired by these that I went and purchased a whole CASE of these Cake Shooters to play with and add to my shop.  I can't wait.  So don't be surprised if you see these at ALOT of my parties in the next few days!
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Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #14

It's been a crazy week here...last Saturday was supposed to be my "day off".  My husband's work has a BIG Softball tournament once a year where they play tournament games from 7 am to 7 at night.  They have the BBQ going all day and there are bounce houses for the kids.  We usually set up our Easy-Up and just "CHILL" all day watching the games and enjoying the company.

Instead I spent the day running and at the ER.

My hubby decided to play catcher on a team this year and during the second game, one of the batters came running into him and lowered his shoulder right into my husbands knee.  Totally hyper-extended it and too my hubby out.

We spent the day at the ER trying to figure out how bad his knee was.  They x-rayed it and determined it wasn't fractured, but couldn't determine anything beyond that due to how much pain he was in.  So I've spent the week "baby-ing" my dear hubby.  And let me tell you, that's ALOT of work.

So it seems everything has taken so much longer to do this week.  Everything is so much harder.  Sometimes I think I don't realize how much he does for me and around the house, but when he can't walk or drive or do much, I'm left with it all.  And that's hard.

But enough about my hard week....the winner of this week's Baseball Cake Party Boxes is

For Such a Time as This who shared her recipe Homemade Cheeze Its.  These look so yummy.  My hubby LOVES Cheeze It's but I'm so bad about buying them.  He and the kids can go through a whole box in a very short time and those boxes are so expensive.  I love that Jennifer shared how to make our own.  The recipe looks pretty easy and doesn't have anything I'd have to run to the store for...everything is already in my cupboard or fridge.  A real plus when I'm cooking because I am so lazy when it comes to food.  I can't wait to go try these.

If you are looking for a lot of good recipes to try, you really need to check out For Such a Time as This.  There are alot of good recipes on her blog from Cinnamon French Toast (my family will LOVE this as an addition for our Sunday brunch) to Key Lime Pie (a personal favorite of mine that I never make) to Homemade Chocolate Syrup (how great would it be to save money there by making your own?!?!)  You really need to check out all these great recipes...I know I'll be printing off a few!

Thanks Jennifer for stopping by and sharing our treat with us.  If you'll email me I'll get your boxes out ASAP.

This week's Blog Party favor is
This notebook is made from a REAL  movie theatre sized candy box.  Inside the box is 80 sheets of lined notebook paper for you to keep notes.  It's a perfect size and a great conversation piece beside your phone, in your purse, or at your desk!

To ENTER, just join our Linky Party by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!

Don't have a blog? Want an extra entry?
Leave us a comment with your favorite project from our linky party!
(We'll use a random generator to pick the winner next Friday evening.)

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Gift Idea Week: Box Templates & Printable

Sometimes all it takes to make a simple gift into something extraordinary is the presentation, but if you are gift wrap challenged, it can be difficult to present in a cute way.

Fortunately, gift boxes were invented for a personal and fun gift idea.

Most templates are super easy for you to personalize for the event or recipient.  Simply add your favorite graphics in your graphic program, or even just print out the template on the back of some super cute scrapbook paper.

Then score and glue along the edges of your template box.

Now just add some cute gift ideas such as a candle, a candy bar, or one of our personalized name plaques!  It's a quick and easy amazing way to make a simple gift EXTRAORDINARY!

There are many great places to get some great templates...two of my favorites are:
I'm sure there are lots more if you do a search for box templates.

For a cute gift box for any of our popular wall or door plaques, I have included a printable for you. One of them has a birthday theme with a blank back and the other is blank so you can add any graphics for any holiday or occasion.

Gift Idea Week: Art Box

What budding artist wouldn't love a cute little art box as a gift?

I found this cute little wooden box at Dollar Tree back during Mother's Day.  Unfortunately it was a seasonal item so they don't have any right now, but if you're lucky, you can find another cute little box.

I spray painted to box a soft ballerina pink to match the paper I chose.

I used the same technique that I used in my Wooden Name Letters tutorial to add some cute paper from the Sweet paper pack I used for the same project.  And I added a pretty flower sticker that I bought on sale at Jo-Anns.

This box would be UBER cute to put almost anything in...

My gift Recipient is a budding artist, so I added some pencils, scissors, crayons, erasers, and since she is a Twilight fan, I added a specialty Jacob movie theatre box notebook for a fun treat!

Gift Idea Week: Brownie Treats & Gift Container

I have actually had my kids go to birthday parties where their friends made actual requests from me for their birthday gift.  One of "The Perfectionist's" friends asked for a bunch of Cake Pops for his gift and "The Drama Queen" had one of her best friends request some Chocolate Covered Oreos for hers. 

You see, I have a habit of sending treats to my kids' lunch tables every now and then and these special friends LOVE these treats and wanted a few all to their self!  I was happy to oblige, but admit it was hard to figure out how to send these gifts in a way that could be gift wrapped.

Sometimes when you are giving a gift, you want to give one of your Homemade Treats or Specialties but don't have one of those (UGLY) round, plastic containers they have all over at Christmas time.  (You know which one's I'm talking about right?) 

So instead, I searched around looking for a good container that was cost effective and able to be "up-styled" in a cheap, easy way.  I found these Store & See containers at Big Lots for 1.00 each which was pretty good!  They did have several different sizes, so if you are looking to give something larger, there are other options!

The containers came with these labels inside them, so I simple removed them and used them as a template.  Since the label was bigger than my 12 inch paper, I cut the label in half and cut 2 paper labels to glue together.

Since I save my paper scraps from every project, I had a lot of cute choices to line my container.

I did debate on whether to use my Xyron and make the label permanent inside the container.  I decided against it so the recipient could remove the label to wash it, but if you want to you can use the Xyron sticker/laminate cartridge.  Run your paper through the cartridge making the side you want to see through the sticker side...this allows you to stick it to the side of the container and have the back laminated so as not to get dirty.  (Does that make sense?)

This gift will be for the School Nurses at my kids' elementary school.  Both my younger boys take medicine alot at school and the nurses have been so great working with me and them to make it super easy.  So I wanted to make a sweet gift to say Thank You! 

I made a pan of brownies and cut them into small slices.  Then I melted some colored chocolate melts inside plastic decorating bottles.  (Note if you do this, DO NOT melt the chocolate inside the bottle with the Lid on! It will pop a hole in the side!!! Yea, don't ask me how I know this, *grin* but I do!)

We ended up just writing "Thank You" on the brownies, but you could do lots of different designs to really JAZ up your treats.  I love using the chocolate because it will harden and you can stack the treats, and it tastes REALLY good!

"Daredevil's" teacher is a BIG animal lover, so we bought some mini cookie cutters in animal shapes and decorated them to give to her.  The kids had fun with that!

If you decide to use cookie cutters, it's easiest to make Fudge-like brownies because they are thinner.  If you find the cookie cutter doesn't go all the way down the brownies or you come away with some of the side, a simple knife around the edge works easy!

These containers are beautiful, easy to make, and cheap for a great gift to give someone you love!