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Leprechaun for a Meal

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I don't know if you've seen the fun trend of putting mustaches on staws yet or not, but it's a super cute way to liven up your dinner or party.

While I was pondering whether to try this or not for my St Patrick's day dinner, it dawned on me that it would be even more fun if I could figure out how to put a Leprechaun's beard on a straw.  Now my kids can become a Leprechaun for a meal!

It was super simple to do too. 
I found these cute green and white striped straws from PaperwhiteDesigns on Etsy.  They were very festive and just perfect for my St Patrick's Day table so I splurged and ordered them.  I've never bought straws from etsy before, so I was a little nervous that they wouldn't get here in time, but never fear PaperwhiteDesigns did an amazing job and they were in the mail the same day I ordered.
Next I designed up a Leprechaun's beard in my design program.  I made it 6 inches by 6 inches.
I did my beard two different ways.
  One is a red beard so you can use your color printer and just print and go.  The other is a "white" beard so you can print it on red cardstock if you'd like to save ink.  Either way works.
Next I cut it out and used my whole punch to put a hole in the middle of the top or the beard and the bottom of the beard.  This allows it to fit on the beard and still look like it's standing up.
Lastly, I strung the beard onto the straw and POOF! my kids are little leprechauns!
Here's the white beard if you'd rather have it.

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