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Valentine Kiss Countdown Calendar Free Printable

It seems like when you are young, you have a lot of "collections."  Things that are "cool" to have and save.  I had a huge collection of Snow Globes and Cherished Teddies collectibles when Dear Hubby and I first got married.  Over time, I learned that it's not quite as important (and not much fun to dust), so when kids come along and things start getting broken or there are more important things to spend money on, it's wasn't that big of a deal to let go of the "stuff".

The only thing that I've really kept up collection wise is my Advent calendars.  I just LOVE counting down to special days.  Every year I try and make or purchase a new countdown calendar for Christmas.  By now, Mini Me is the only one who still gets excited to change the date each day, but he and I have fun doing it each morning before school.

So when I come up with a new idea for a countdown calendar, especially one for a different holiday than Christmas, I get pretty excited.  And when the idea is super easy and involves chocolate, I am in LOVE!

I started by designing up this 8x10 Valentine Kisses printable.
Then I found a fun frame and put it inside.

There are 14 pink dots on the heart, one to countdown each day in February until Valentine's day.
I put a Glue Dot on the outside of the glass in the center of each dot.

Then I stuck a Hershey Kiss on each glue dot.  You can use Valentine colored kisses or a specific flavor of kisses (Mini Me loves Dark Chocolate, so I'll probably use that for him.)

Each day, you can take off a Hershey Kiss and enjoy a sweet treat before Valentine's Day!
Next year, you can add new kisses and do it all again.

Here's the free printable if you want to make one of your own.
Just right click on the jpg picture and save to your computer.

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