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Back to School Bookworm Candy Topper Printable

School is only 2 weeks away here.  A fact that my children are in complete denial over.  I bought a few school supplies last week and came home super excited over the good deals (yea, I get a little excited for a good shopping deal), and my kids practically went into mourning.  I am forbidden to say the "S" word in front of them for the next two weeks or bring home any more "S" supplies.  

To try and help them get over the tragic loss of summer, I am sweetening them up with these cute Candy Bookworms.  Maybe I can remind them of the good things about school...okay, at least one good thing about school...reading.

This printable comes in the normal set with a tag printable and 3 different types of bag toppers.

Simply add some Gummy worms to a bag and top with this cute little bookworm.
It may not make going back to school any easier, but it might make it a little sweeter.

You can get this Bookworm printable HERE in our store.  It's FREE until September 1 when it will go on sale for $1.50.  That should give you enough time to sweeten up your kids for the dreaded Back to School event.  So go grab it NOW if you think you might need the extra help.

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