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10 Fun Halloween Decorations from our Favorite Sponsors

Halloween is only two weeks away!

 I can't beleive how fast time is flying.  My kids have begun their costumes (hooray for us for not waiting for the last minute this year!), the Witch's Cupboard dessert table is almost all planned, and the home decorating has begun.

But as always, I'm still out there looking for the perfect decoration that will make my Halloween party stand out.  If you are in the same boat, you still have time to check out a few of my favorite decorations from some of our blog sponsors.  Maybe one of these is exactly what you need to add that extra Sparkle or Freakiness to your Halloween party.

1. This Spooky Tote would be great to use for all the candy you'll get while you're out Trick or Treating on Halloween night.  It's big and the handle is sturdy and comfortable, both of which is a BIG plus when your candy basket is full at the end of the night.

2. Aren't these the cutest Ghost figurine candles? They make me smile just looking at them with their happy faces and fun Halloween color scheme.  They would look so bright on your fireplace mantel or as a holiday night light on the darkest of nights.

3.  If you're trying to scare your little trick or treaters or amuse your party guests, this Halloween ghost will be the star of your show.  He's just the right size to a little pizazz to your party with out too much spookiness.

4. You've gone to all the work to create a yummy Halloween dessert table, so why not push your guests in that direction with this fun Candy Corn decoration?  It would be a great table centerpiece or hanging eye piece in such stunning colors that everyone's mouth will water.

5. Don't forget to decorate the outside of your haunted mansion with this Light Up skeleton.  I love that it lights up so when Halloween night hits and all is dark, you can still see this crazy skeleton trying to climb out of the grave.  (Plus you can get 20% off of him with coupon code HUGE20)

6. Maybe it's just me that thinks of Harry Potter when I start thinking witches and halloween, but if not, this Feathered Owl looks just like Hedwig and would be a great addition to your party.  He would look great sitting on your mantel or in a castoff cage looking over your dinning room. (Plus, he's also 20% off right now with code HUGE20)

7. How about a FREE Personalized Tote bag for your little munchkin?  (Just pay shipping.) No one will mistake whose candy bag this one is with your little one's picture right on the front.  Of course, then when you're caught sneaking the candy out the next day, you won't have an excuse, so maybe that's not the best idea.

8. This Skeleton Restroom Door Cover just makes me giggle every time I see it.  Wouldn't this be a great banner to hang on your bathroom door?  It might make your guests pee their pants, but it would make a great story for the next day and for years to come.

9.  My Dear Hubby is deathly afraid of spiders, so I can't have too many at our Halloween party, but these cute little Halloween Spider Tea Light Candle holders would make a fun addition to our Halloween party.  The sparkle and sweetness can't help but make anyone smile and not be afraid.

10.  If you want to make a Haunted Mirror or just a freaky frame for your Halloween party, this WOWindow Posters Green Faced Demon Halloween Window Decoration would certainly be an easy and scary addition to your Halloween party.  He kinda gives me the creeps just looking at him.

If you're planning a Halloween party, please go check out our great sponsors for some freaky and sparkly additions perfect to get your scare on!

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  1. How cute are those spider votives! Love! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!