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How to Make a Mustache T-shirt

We thought it would be super silly if all 30 of the family members who came to Drama Queen's Graduation Mustache bash were wearing Mustache themed apparel to surprise her.  But we pondered how to do that on a frugal budget.

Vistaprint to the rescue!

I've made and ordered many t-shirts through Vistaprint's website throughout the past year and have always been happy with the turnout.  I designed up a t-shirt for Daredevil for Christmas that he absolutely loves, as well as several for the candy store with different chocolate sayings on the back.

So when we were looking for affordable shirts that we could design ourselves, we came running back.

It's pretty easy to make these too.  Start by go to Vistaprint's website.  You may want to go through the banner above so you can get the discount (only good until Monday, June 2.)

Visit the t-shirt section and select the type of shirt you want.  I like the basic t-shirts and they are the ones on sale.

Now select the type of t-shirt design you want.  There are lots of different styles.  Go ahead and brouse around until you find what you like.  Since I was designing mine from scratch, I went with the "Upload a complete design" option.

Upload the picture that you want to your design.  I created mine in Printmaster since that's my favorite design program.  You can use my design, or create your own.

Once your design is uploaded, you can make any changes to it that you want, including adding a back design if you want.

When you are all ready, Vistaprint will show you what your shirt will look like and you need to carefully check the spelling and layout.  If it all looks great, go ahead and check the box saying you approve the shirt and check out.

Be sure to order your shirt in plenty of time for your party or holiday needs.  It's been my experience that the shirts come faster than they say they will, but you still need to be sure and not order at the last minute.  Give yourself about 3 weeks just to be safe.

Now go ahead and enjoy making these for any occasion or gift giving.  The ideas on what you can make are endless and the ease with which you can make them are wonderful!

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