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5 Halloween Costumes and Dare to Share

Can you believe Halloween is only a week away?

My kids have gone into their annual Halloween costume craze.  It drives me crazy!  They change their mind every few hours about what they want to be for Halloween.  One minute it's a superhero, the next it's a Minecraft creeper, the next its a something else they saw that's cool.  They can't dang decide.

And so we spend the last few days before Halloween arguing to make a decision and then rushing to make or purchase the costume.  I mean, seriously!  It's not like they didn't know Halloween was coming.

So this week, I'm going to try and push them to make the final decision.  Then, they are out of luck if they change their mind.  Thankfully, you guys had some great ideas for Halloween costumes at last week's Dare to Share Saturday.

If you missed them, check these great ideas out:

DIY Superhero Masks by Nap-Time Creations

Candy Bar Costumes by Oh My! Creative

Humpty Dumpty Costume by Kenarry

Clean and Dirty Couple Costumes by C.R.A.F.T.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Costumes by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

If you missed any of the fun from the blog this week, be sure to check out the fun:

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