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Halloween Birthday Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

I think we all know someone who as a birthday on Halloween or during the month of October.  We have 5 in our family alone.  Celebrate October birthdays by giving a candy bar wrapper from the whole spooky gang.  It will be one gift that the birthday boy/girl won't have two of!

Do you like to give great gifts and thoughtful cards?  Our wrapper membership club is a great way for you to add a little something extra to your next birthday, thank you, holiday, or "thinking of you" card.  Each week you'll get a brand new candy bar wrapper printable that you can download, print, wrap around a Hershey 1.5 ounce candy bar, and give to your loved ones.

With prices starting at only $5.00 a month, you'll get exclusive, one of a kind candy bar wrappers that are as fun to give as they are to receive.

Check out the whole line up of Candy Bar Wrappers from this year's club membership:

Each wrapper style comes in a JPG and PNG format to suit your style and printing needs.  You'll also receive a single wrapper on a page printable with all the greetings and sentiments you see, a blank candy bar wrapper with just the graphics so you can enter your own sentiments in your favorite graphics program, and a page with 2 candy bar wrappers per page complete with greeting.

NEW LOWER PRICE! You can now get all 52 of the 2015 candy bar wrappers for only $25.00! 

Monthly Club Subscription
   $5.00 a month


2015 Year Club Subscription

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