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Disney Emoji Bingo Game Printable

Have fun with your family and friends while social distancing with this Disney Emoji Bingo game perfect for playing in person or via social media.
Have fun with your family and friends while social distancing with this Disney Emoji Bingo game perfect for playing in person or via social media.
One of the hardest things that we have found with the stay at home order is the lack of communication and play with people outside our house.

Whether it's the kids' friends down the street or our cousins across the country, it's been hard not to have new play time and conversations.

Due to this, we started having family game nights on Zoom with my brothers and sisters and their kids.  It's been super fun to talk and play together.  We have played several different games, but one of the kids' favorites have been bingo.

I have several different bingo games in the DIY Party Mom party store, and have been in the process of converting them so not only can you play the bingo game in person at a birthday party or such, but I am also making each bingo card able to be emailed or messaged for online games.

So far I have:

(I'll defintely update each product page and here as I get more of them done.)


Game Set Up:

Locate the Individual JPG Bingo Card folder included in each updated Bingo game file.  Inside each file are 30 (for the full size game) bingo cards.

We let each person playing pick a bingo card 1-30.  No two players could have the same card, but with so many cards, it wasn't a problem.

Each bingo card is a JPG picture file, so the card can be emailed or sent to each player (or to the kids' parents if they didn't have their own email or social media account.)

A lot of the kids had their own tablets so they could bring up the bingo card on the tablet as a picture and their parent didn't have to print.  For those that didn't, the cards could be printed using their home computer's print program as a half page picture.

For the person calling the bingo game, one sheet of each bingo tab page was printed out on to card stock.  Each of the individual bingo character tabs was placed into a brown paper bag.

Playing the Game:

When all players were ready to play, I picked out a character from the paper bag.  The bingo tab could be called out and shown via the camera on the zoom app.  I then placed each tab in front of me so I could see who had been called and who hadn't.

If desired, you can print out a second sheet of tabs and place each called character on top of the other to easily see if a character had been called or not yet.

If you really want to get creative, you can point your camera at the second sheet of tabs so everyone can quickly see if a character had been called yet or not.  Otherwise, you might get stopped a lot throughout the game to see who had already been called and who hadn't.

Whether the players are using tablets or not, you can use M&Ms or Pennies as bingo markers on the board to keep track of your bingo.

Winning the Game:

Play until some one gets a straight line of all characters called, two straight lines, a blackout of all the board, or any other bingo possibility you decide on.

At this point, the winner calls out the characters for their bingo to make sure the bingo is legitimate.  You may need to have someone else in the house verify if you have a family of "cheaters" like me.

With a legitimate bingo, you can send the winner a prize such as a $5 Amazon Gift certificate, a candy bar Congratulations card, or let the pick a prize from the Dollar Tree during the next outing.

Play Disney Emoji Bingo with your Family Tonight:

We have found playing games as a family online is a new tradition we want to keep even when the social distancing period ends.  It's a lot of fun to chat and see family each week and helps keep our sanity a little during this crazy time.

If you want to play Bingo with your family check out any of our Bingo games in the DIY Party Mom party store here.

Give it a try and let your kids' friends or cousins distract them for a few minutes and a fun game of bingo.
Have fun with your family and friends while social distancing with this Disney Emoji Bingo game perfect for playing in person or via social media. #bingogame #socialdistancinggame #diypartymomblog

What ways have you found to keep your family entertained while social distancing?  Give us some great ideas in the comments and then be sure to grab your Disney Emoji Bingo Game now!


  1. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


  2. Disney Emoji Bingo sounds like such a fun game! I know my kiddos would love it. Disney movies have been helping us survive being stuck inside all the time. Thanks so much for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party!!!