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A Knightly Feast for a Damsel's Triumph: Netflix's Newest Show "Damsel" and Family Movie Night!

 Lights dimmed, cozy blankets draped, and a spread of delectable delights await—welcome to our family movie night, featuring the latest addition to Netflix's lineup: "Damsel". As we delve into the enchanting world of princesses, dragons, and daring adventures, our dinner spread mirrors the bravery and resilience of our heroine.

I've been looking for some ways to have low stress family fun right now. My dad passed away recently and our family has been struggling. So instead of having a full on family dinner (which you guys know I love to do), we plan to go easy and fun tonight.

At the heart of our movie night is "Damsel," a refreshing take on the classic fairy tale where the princess takes matters into her own hands and saves herself from the clutches of a fiery dragon. It's a tale of empowerment, courage, and the strength within. With captivating storytelling and a fun performance by our favorite "eleven", "Damsel" promises to be a family favorite for years to come.

But what's a movie night without a feast fit for royalty?

Our family gathers around the TV, each with our own TV trays filled with a whimsical assortment of treats that pay homage to the valiant princess and her epic journey.

First up, we have angel hair pasta tossed in rich spaghetti sauce, resembling the messy hair of our princess as she bravely battles the dragon. It's a deliciously savory tribute to her fearless spirit.

Accompanying the pasta are breadsticks fashioned into swords, ready to be wielded by any brave soul willing to join the fight against tyranny.

We added cheese pieces in the shape of gold coins because our kids love to dip cheese into spaghetti sauce. It's become a family tradition and yummy craze.

No knightly feast is complete without armor, and ours comes in the form of succulent strawberries and grapes, arranged to resemble the protective gear worn by our heroine. Each bite is a burst of sweetness, reminding us of the resilience and strength required to face life's challenges head-on.

And for the grand finale, we used our name alphabet wrappers to make chocolate candy bars for each of the kids in our family. The girls got our new Princess design and the boys got the dragon design. They are going to love having their names on chocolate to enjoy during the movie.

As we settle in for a night of adventure and relaxation from our daily stresses, we're going to just take it easy and remember to enjoy the little moments. You never know what's coming around the corner whether it be the loss of a loved one or a dragon.

So, let's raise our cups, we used the Dollar Tree travel mugs with the free dragon eye printable I'm sharing with you, to courage, to resilience, and to the timeless magic of family movie nights.

Grab the free Dollar Tree travel tumbler Dragon printable and come with us on this enchanting journey, where princesses reign supreme and dragons are no match for the strength of the human spirit.

After all, in the world of "Damsel," it's not about waiting for a prince to save the day—it's about seizing your own destiny and writing your own happily ever after.

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