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Sweet Stuff Sale

In honor of our CandyLand party, we have put all of our candy bars, candy name plaques, and candy lollipops on sale this week so you can make any party a little sweeter!

We have lots of Whirlypop sucker designs so you can have a personalized lollipop at your Blues Clues, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, or Hot Wheels party!  We even have Elmo and the Sesame Street gang.  How sweet this would be to add to any party with your little one's name around the outside of the sucker.

Would you rather have something chocolatey?  We carry sweet candy bars personalized to wish your favorite Spiderman, Star Wars, or Pokemon fan a Happy Birthday.  Or Thank you guests for coming to your party in a sweet style.  All of our candy bars are printed to be able to enjoy the candy and scrapbook the wrapper.  This would be a truly memorable thank you favor!

Or do you know a Chocoholic?  We have even put our chocolate name plaques on sale this week so you can give a sweet gift to the hostess or birthday girl!  We have our Chocolate Covered Truffle Name Plaque, our Chocolate Hug and Kiss Name Plauque, and even an M&M Name Plaque with your name in the sweet candies.

We've even put our Gum Heads on sale!  Add a sweet gum favor to your baby shower or summer BBQ!

Don't see the theme of your next party?  We have LOTS of graphics and are thrilled to create a new plaque, candy bar, or lollipop sticker as unique as you!  Just give us a hollar and even get the sale price before Monday June 28!

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