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Baby Shower Favors

As I was thinking about this post and what I could show you as my favorite baby shower favors, I had a hard showers are so personal and the themes are so different.  There is no way to be able to show you everything that could be done for them.

 My favorites are always the candy bar favors.  They are so versatile and can be personalized for any idea, color, or theme.  I have used templates for great favors and I have designed up bars for individual clients.  The personalized ones are ALWAYS my favorite by far.  I wish I had taken pictures of some of them, but I didn't. 

These would also be great as baby announcements!  How fun and sweet!

I also enjoy doing the gum heads in the boy and girls.  Gum heads are such a different idea.  They take a regular 5 pack of your favorite gum and wrap a foam core around in pink or blue, depending upon your baby shower gender.  Then we add a little boys head, a pair of matching pink or blue slippers, and a bottle with "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy" on it.  They can even be personalized with the Mother or Baby's name instead.  So cute!!

What about using a sweet theme to add candy to your baby shower?  Use Whirly Pop lollipops to add a little sweetness in your favorite theme.  Personalize a sticker on the front with your baby shower details and theme.  A cute Sesame Street theme would be so sweet!  Or how about Tigger bouncing into your party?

I am also totally in love with the cute cupcake holders that are out right now.  I have recently been adding them to my shop in different themes.  What about a Little Princess theme for a baby girl shower?  Or a cute Train for a little boy?  Or just go generic with a "Baby Boy" cupcake wrapper in blue or "Baby Girl" cupcake wrapper in pink?  They would dress up your table with some real pizzazz.

The favors and decorations are what really make your party stand out above the rest!  Personalize it with your own favors and treats to make it truly SWEET!

What are your favorite baby shower favors?

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