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Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

I recently was asked to work on some ideas for a Raggedy Ann Birthday party.  How much cuter of a birthday idea can you get?  I just love the soft blue and red colors.  They just seem so soft for a sweet little girl to celebrate with.

Upon searching for party ideas on the web, I found there really was only one party that everyone seemed to go with...One Charming Party's Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

I LOVE this banner.  You could really take any patterned paper in the blue and red colors to form any words.  How cute would it be with gingham paper? You could spell "Jane's 1st Birthday" or "Happy Birthday" or even as One Charming Party did and write "Raggedy Ann" to go with the theme.

Isn't this the cutest idea to serve Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at your party?  It's just patterned paper wrapped around a crustless, square sandwich.  I think I'm going to steal this idea for my son't parties coming this fall.  Yummy and functional!

What kid doesn't LOVE sugar cookies?  And with extra frosting? YUM! (I may have to make some of these for my kids' lunches or Cookie Friday.)  How quick and easy would they be?  A simple heart cookie with white frosting and some writable frosting? 

This is my favorite part of the party.  I love the way this sucker tree was made.  I've been trying to figure out how to make a good tree if you don't have the necessary woodworking skills. (To my disapointment, I don't.  My dear hubby won't let me near a sharp tool with my track history.)  I recently made one from styrofoam and plastic canvas, but I like this WAY better.  I'm definitly going to go add these to my parties and displays.  Even better, you can find Martha Stewart's easy directions HERE.

In searching for other Raggedy Ann Party Ideas, I found these great ideas.

How cute are these cupcakes from Cupcakes Take The Cake?  They shouldn't be TOO hard to copy, expecially if you just copied the color schemed.  And how cute would it to be to use a cute patterned paper cupcake liner?  (Definitly may have to look into adding some of those to our store!)

I have absolutely NO decorating skills, but look at this AMAZING cake from the Pink Cake Box!

There certainly are some fun ideas out there for a GREAT party.  If you just stick to your color scheme with a few sweet party accents in your Raggedy Ann theme, you're party should be AMAZING too!

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