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Let's Bowl!

My husband's birthday is coming up this week.  Although we have many parties at our house, this is the only time of year he really gets a HUGE say in what we do or what the theme is to be.

This year he wants to go Bowling.

So as I get ready for the birthday party at the end of the week, I'm going to be sharing with you all my preparations and sweet treats.   For as I'm find out, it's kind of hard to find new and different Bowling party treats, decorations, and favors for a grown-up Bowling party.

Check out some of these great finds on Etsy to get you started!

'Let's Bowl Up Some Fun!' by KimsKandyKreations

All the items you need to get a "STRIKE" at your next Bowling Birthday Party.

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Super Bowl Football Party

The Super Bowl is coming!  The Super Bowl is coming!

We are getting ready by preparing and setting up our Sweets table now.
(Who says we are a little eager?)

To help you prepare for your Big game day, we are sharing our pictures and ideas!

We started off using 2 green table cloths from Walmart.
For the background, we used white duck tape and made lines running up and down the tablecloth to resemble a football field.

Since we have no allegiance to either team, the left side of the table was dedicated to the Green Bay Packers
and the right side to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This way we cheer on both sides and can enjoy the game!

We shared those free printable Pennant banners here.

In the center of the table, we had our Root beer bottles.
To help each of our guetss to identify their drink, we made labels with a football background.  Each label has a different football position on it.

Behind these we had the football teams facing off in Jello Jiggler helmets.  We made each of the helmets in the team colors to cheer on each team.

For each side of the table, we made Football themed cake pops.  You can find our directions here.

We also had colored M&Ms in both team colors, with Hershey kisses mixed in.  On the bottom of the kisses, we made labels with each team's logo.

We also had candy bars with our Football Hershey Wrappers in the Steelers team colors and the Packers team colors.

We had popcorn in mason jars with team colored wrappers around the outside.

We also had cupcakes and sugar cookies on each side of the table.
The cupcakes were dressed in football helmet wrappers to look like the Steelers football players and the Packers football players.

To finish off the Sweets table, we made our favorite chocolate covered oreos in football shapes.

and Pudding cups!
For the pudding cups, we used Pistachio pudding for the green and then died some cool whip yellow.  We layered the cool whip in the center of two layers of pudding for a green and yellow effect.

I can't wait to dig in now!  I'm ready to sit back, eat some sweet treats, cheer me some football, and enjoy some great commercials!  How about you?

How to Wrap a Candy Bar Wrapper Tutorial

So now you've purchased a great wrapper to cheer your Super Bowl football team on. 

You want to make it look it's best as you wrap it around your favorite candy bar to inspire your team to victory and your guests to enjoy a Super party!

We are sharing a detail step by step picture direction to help you win the Big one!

How to wrap a Everyday Parties candy wrapper

Purchase your choice of a 1.55 oz Hershey candy bar, any flavor or a 1.55 oz Nestle Crunch candy bar.

Place candy bar in the middle of back of foil wrapper.

Wrap top and bottom of foil around bar.

Fold both ends of foil sides towards candy bar like a t-pee. Do not fold ends toward bars yet.

Lay your Kims Kandy Kreations candy wrapper on top of your foil-covered candy bar.

Align the front and sides of the wrapper so it is centered on foil bar.
You can fold the end without graphics over the bar to make sure it's centered.

While holding the bar and foil together, flip over.
Align the back of the wrapper so the bottom of the bar is straight.

Run tape or glue along the inside of the long end of the wrapper.

Press securely along edge to seal bar.

Push bar slightly out of wrapper on one side. Fold other end towards bar and slide wrapper back on.

Repeat for other side.

Enjoy your bar!

Football Cake Pops Tutorial

Let me start out by saying, "I am NO Bakerella!"  If you don't know who I'm talking about, you are missing out on one of the neatest and sweetest crazes of the baking world.  Bakerella has developed an amazing new technique to put cake on a stick with her Cake Pops.

And she has caused an addiction in my family!  My kids LOVE cake pops.  We look for any excuse to have them. 

"It's your Birthday!  Let's make Cake Pops!"

"It's your turn to bring treats for soccer.  Let's make Cake Pops!"

"It's a Monday.  Let's make Cake Pops!"

It's an addiction.  They are a little time consuming and messy, but OH SO worth it in the end.

Since we are having a Super Bowl football party, we had to make cake balls in the shape of footballs.  What better way to enjoy the game than with a little cake, frosting, and chocolate?

So, I'm going to share how I made these yummy treats today, but just remember, we make these to eat, not always for looks.  And I've realized that making and decorating these is a talent that you need to practice to get better at.  (Oh shucks, is that a reason to make more Cake Pops?)

Start off your cake pops by making a regular cake mix from your favorite box cake.  Let it cool. 

When it's cool, cut it in to fourths.  Take each section of cake and crumble into as little pieces as possible.  Bakerella recommends rubbing the two pieces of cake together so they crumble apart from the friction.

Once crumbled, add about 1/2 a can of your favorite frosting to the cake and hand mix it in.  You don't want to add the whole frosting can as it will make the mix too wet.

Now, comes the fun part.

Take out a small section of cake dough.  It depends upon how big you want your cake balls, but a 1 inch section is pretty good.  (I'm not very regular with my sizes, so go with the flow!)

Now roll your cake and frosting section into a ball.

For footballs, I then take my ball and roll it into a cylinder shape by rolling it as if you were making a snake.  You don't want to make it too thin, just enough to give you less of a ball shape and more of a cylinder.

Now flatten your cylinder just a little, and press the ends into the shape of a football.

I like to place my footballs onto a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for a few minutes.  This firms the cake ball up and is easier for the next stages.

While the pops are in the freezer, melt your chocolate.  I use chocolate wafers and melt them at 50% power in my microwave for 2 minutes at a time.

When your chocolate is ready, remove the cake balls from freezer.

I don't usually put my cake balls on sticks, since it just slows down the eating process for my kids and seems like a waste, but since we are making them for a "REAL" party, I went ahead and added them.

To do this, dip the end of your stick into a little bit of chocolate and push into the underside of a football cake ball.

Then dip into the chocolate.  (Since I don't have any fancy deep dipping bowls, I usually dip one side and then turn it over to dip the other.  If I am running low on chocolate, I spoon the chocolate onto the sides and bottom areas.)

Now tap off the excess chocolate back into the bowl.  Although it wears on your hand after a while, the best way to do this, is to hold your stick over the bowl and tap your hand.  This keeps the pressure down on your cake ball so it won't fall off the stick.

When you've got as much off as you can, place your cake pop in a Styrofoam block to let it dry and firm up.

Once the football is firm, you can use white chocolate or more frosting to add the laces.  I used a Betty Crocker frosting tube because it's what I had on hand and made it pretty easy.

Once your footballs are done, you can place into individual bags to keep them until the BIG day (if they last that long) or in an air tight container.

At your Super Bowl party, serve these to your guests with little pennant banners on the bottom for a fun extra touch!

I think I DEFINITELY need to go practice more.  (YUM!)

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