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Let It Snow! Winter Party Dessert Table

The weather outside has been pretty nasty this week with school delays, cancellations, and LOTS of snow, but inside has been a different story.  The winter has been a little brighter as we prepared for our Let It Snow! Snowman party.  The kitchen has been warm and cozy as we prepared yummy goodies.  And now it's time to share with you our Winter party Dessert table!

We've got LOTS of pictures of our sweet Snowmen, so sit back and try not to drool on your keyboard.

There's just something about snowmen that makes me think of a cold, night sky, so the colors of our Dessert table are a royal blue and white and silver accents.  I didn't want to spend a fortune on buying a tablecloth that reached all the way to the floor.  (JoAnn's has fabric that is 108 inches wide and is perfect for this, but it's ALOT of money per yard.  Even with a 50% coupon, it's still about $30.00)  So I purchased a $4.00 white twin flat sheet from Walmart and placed it so it covered more of the front of the table than the back.

The tablecloth just barely fit my 8 foot table, so I bought a roll of royal blue wrapping paper from Walmart's party section ($2.50) and rolled it out along the top of the table and down the sides a little.  This gave me color and length, for cheap.

The backdrop is a cheap $1.50 tablecloth in matching blue from Walmart's party isle.  I hung it from a PVC pipe fame that I made to sit behind the table.  I tried to hang snowflakes from the top of the pipe frame so they looked like they were falling, but the snowflakes kept sticking to the backdrop with static cling.  So I just taped them randomly around the backdrop instead.  (Way easier instead!)

The center of our dessert table was the yummy Snowman cupcakes.  They were featured on a silver platter that we made to showcase matching ribbon.  (I've always wanted one from Hobby Lobby, but the price was too much, so I made my own!)

Above the cupcakes is a mini blue and white pennet banner that reads "Let It Snow".  The banner is held up by two twin snowmen with matching blue hats and scarfs that are sitting to each side.  The snowmen were made with Styrofoam heads and clay pot bodies.  (I'm not a good painter, so I wasn't brave enough to draw them faces.)  They are sitting atop a piece of Styrofoam that I pushed 2 PVC pipe into.  At the top of the pipes, I drilled a hole to string the banner ribbon through.

The rest of the dessert table was filled with Snowmen and Snowflakes in various forms.

We had Chocolate Covered Oreos

We had Blue Jello Jigglers

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Popcorn in Snowflake Cupcake Wrappers

And my favorite...

White Chocolate Bowls with York Peppermint Patty Minis

I saw the idea for these HERE.  They were super easy and fun to make.  Simply dip a partially blown up water balloon in white chocolate and place on wax paper to dry.  The drip from the chocolate makes the base.  When dry, pop the balloon and peel out the pieces.  Then draw on the Snowmen faces.  (I purchase the edible food markers, but they didn't work too well on the chocolate.  So I ended up using melted colored chocolate to draw on faces.)

To finish off the table, I sprinkled blue and white York Peppermint Patty minis and silver Hershey kisses around the table.


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