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Sunday Shout Out

Here's some sweet Valentine's Ideas for your party and sweet needs that I've come across this week.

"Happy Clippings" made this cute Paper Garland for home.  I just love how cute this would be hanging over your dinner table on Valentine's day.

"Singing with the Birds" shared directions on these Valentine Pop Shots.  I really tried to get one of my kids to do this for their class valentine's, but couldn't get any takers.  Dang it.  They are cute!

   Sweet Little Smoothie took these cute heart boxes and turned them into an Valentine Countdown filled with sweet little treats. Can I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE advent calendars?  I must own at least 20 of them.  But they are almost all for Christmas. It's so fun to see a countdown for other holidays!

The Starfish Blog shares a fun idea for a Valentine Scavenger Hunt.  My kids love to do this with their birthday presents.  Wouldn't it be great for a Valentine party activity too?

Nap Time Journal came up with this fun In The Mood pillow.  My hubby is always saying he wishes I would come up with a sign or something to tell him when I was "in the mood".  This is a great Valentine's gift for him!  He's gonna love it!  (And be sure to check it out, because the other side of the pillow is GREAT too!)