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Using Records in your Sock Hop Party Decorating

Records were a BIG part of the 50s Sock Hop scene, so using them in your party plans and decorating scheme is a great and easy idea.

I wanted to show you some of my plans to incorporate records into my party decorations.

Use the records as plate chargers at the dinner table.

Use as a cupcake or treat stand.

Melt into a bowl for snacks at your dinner or dessert table.

Stack into a decorative serving tray.

(I don't have an actual picture yet, since I haven't gone and gotten the 45rpm records yet)
Use as a banner behind the dessert table or on the front entrance wall to your party.

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  1. OMG you are a creative genius...the idea of using 78 records for the serving dishes is so amazing..thanks for sharing your great ideas...Mary in Hong kong soon to be moving home to Colorado.



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