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Chocolate Candy Favors

If you are looking for some fun chocolate party favors, have I got some fun ideas for you!  As you know, I'm a bit obsessed with chocolate, so I have tried to carry some fun candy themed products in my store.

This Chocolate Emergency Kit is one of my favorite products.  It's a regular 1.5 ounce Hershey candy bar inside a 5x7 inch chocolate brown frame.    What makes me laugh the most about this emergency kit is I'm always told at craft shows that it won't make it home...someone will eat it in the car.  But of all those I've asked, no one has actually eaten it yet.  But it's nice to know it's there if you REALLY need it.
If you want a cheap gift that your guests can really use and take with them, we carry Chocolate themed notebooks that fit easily in a party bag, a purse, or your guest's back pocket.

Or you can give a Candy notebook made out of an actual box of  movie theatre treats!
If you are looking for something a little more personal, give each gift a sure sign of their love for chocolate.  Add your guest's or birthday honoree's name to a Chocolate themed personalized name plaques.  We can add their name to a Hershey Kiss styled plaque, a Truffle themed plaque, a Candy Bar themed plaque which can look as if it's really in Chocolate.
Our fun Birthday Candy jar is a fun gift for the birthday boy or girl.  It contains 25 Hershey mini chocolate bars.  Each bar has a label with a fun birthday saying that will make you smile as you enjoy the yummy candy.

You can always just give each guest alot of chocolate!  They will love this 7 ounce chocolate candy bar wishing them a Happy Birthday in a HUGE way.  Or write your own saying on any of our candy bars for a truly unique treat.

We can customize a candy bar wrapper for any theme or party idea.  Let us add each guest's name and  a thank you note from you.  They can enjoy the candy and scrapbook the wrapper to enjoy forever.
If all else fails, and you just don't know what to give....our Chocolate Covered Oreos are ALWAYS a yummy hit!  Give each guest one to take home and enjoy, or be a real Hero by giving a whole dozen!  You're guests will love you as much as they do these yummy treats.

Hopefully we've given you a few ideas on how to personalize your chocolate party both during the party and as your guests go home and enjoy your sweet favors!

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