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Hershey Candy Bowls

So I need your honest opinion on this one....

I took this $1.00 clear bowl from Walmart
and added the wrappers that I picked up from the floor.
(You would think my kids would at least hide the evidence of their candy snacking...but no.)

I modge podged the wrappers onto the bowl.

And this is what I got.
What do you think?
I just can't decide if I like them or not.
I think the idea is good, but not so sure on the turnout.


  1. I like the Reeses one better of the two, because I like how it is a unified color. The silver part of the other wrappers are hiding too much of the colors in the 2nd bowl. Maybe if you cut the silver part down you could see more of each candy wrapper, which would give it a more unified look as well.

  2. I agree about cutting off the silver. You can't see the actual candy wrappers very well. It would look better without the silver. I like the Reeses.