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How To Make A Photo Booth Backdrop

Yesterday I shared some amazing printables from fellow bloggers for you to make some props for a photo booth at your next party.  It dawned on me as I was cutting all the mustaches and glasses out, that I probably should share how I made my actual photo booth with you too.  This way you can make everything you need for a great party activity!

To start, you need to decide if you want a 3 sided photo booth, or just a wall backdrop.  I chose to do just a backdrop since this would allow me to fit a bunch of people into my photo booth at one time.  It also allows me to use my backdrop for other parties in the future since this is the same idea that I use for my table scape backdrops.

Once you have decided that, decide on how wide you want your backdrop.
For my dessert tables capes, I have made it slightly larger than an 8 foot table.  I didn't want my photo booth that big, so I went with 5 feet wide. 
The reason I picked this width was because it allowed me to get 2 sides out of one long PVC pipe.  Plus, it's the perfect size to allow you to use a cheap Walmart twin size bed sheet for a back drop.  (Yes, I use those for EVERYTHING!  You just can't beat the price.)

To start you need three 1/2 inch PVC pipes.  Mine came in 10 foot lengths.  (Not sure if there are other sizes, but this was perfect.)  You also need 4 T-shaped joints and 2 elbow joints.

Cut your PVC pipe into:
Two 5-foot sections
Two 4-foot sections
Two 3-foot sections
Four 1-foot sections

You'll be left with two 1 foot sections, so you can either make your 1 foot sections into 1 1/2 foot sections, or if you're lucky you can find a 5 point PVC pipe joint (my store didn't have any.)

Once you have your pieces cut, it's easiest to assemble the piece on the ground and then lift it up.  Just be sure that your joints are secure so it doesn't fall apart as you lift.

This is an "exploded" look of how you will make your backdrop.

Hopefully it's pretty simple to understand. 
Just insert the poles into the joints.  Be sure to push them in securely so it won't all fall apart!

Once you have it up, your Walmart bed sheet will fit perfectly across the sides and bottom.  I like to just pin my sheets on so I can change them for different occasions and use my sheets for different purposes.  But if you want, you can sew a sleeve on the top so your sheet will hang nicely.

Just be sure to iron the sheet before you take pictures!


  1. NICE! I'm sure I'll be using this for one of my parties..and I'll let you know how it went! Thank you so much sharing!

  2. Wow...I really like this!! I might just have to do the backdrop for taking pics of my kiddos! I love the mustaches too...really like this idea! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by commenting on my What's Cookin Chalkboard!

    Hope your menu plate work out and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

  3. What a cute idea : ) Thanks for liking up with Fun for kids Friday

  4. What a fantastic idea!!! That is awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to For the Kids Fridays at I hope to have you join us again this Friday!

  5. Saw your link at the DIY Show-Off party and just had to check it out! Wonderful tutorial! I'll definitely have to build one for my daughters' school's next Father/Daughter dance!

    Your newest follower,

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I just used this idea for a movie themed dessert table. It worked out great! You can check it out here:

    Thanks again! :)

  7. approximately how much does the pvc piping cost for the 5ft/7ft backdrop?

  8. Mrs. C, I didn't have your email to try and respond so I'm hoping you'll see this:

    At my Lowes, the PVC pipe comes in 10 foot sections. Each section ranges in price from $1.50 to $2.00 depending upon the width of the PVC pipe. If I remember right, I used 3 sections to cut the different pieces from. You should be able to get those for about $5.00 total. The joint pieces cost anywhere between $0.30 to $0.50 each depending upon the piece. So you should be able to make the whole thing for under $10.00. Of course, where you live, the prices may be different, but I wouldn't imagine by too much.

    Good luck. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know! I would love to be of help and to see your finished project!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a sweet day,

  9. Oh that's awesome! I can't wait to make this project for my children's birthday party!

  10. This is a great idea! I attempted to make the frame however am having trouble getting it to stand on its own - it doesn't seem to be very sturdy, is it possible I did something wrong?

  11. any tips on getting the sheet on? i know u mentioned pinning... what do u use to pin it?

  12. Ashley, I just used straight pins to pin the sheet where I wanted it. This way it was super simple to take off, but sturdy enough to handle any "bumps" you may find. I suppose you can use safety pins too though! Whatever you have that works.

  13. This is great because we have a Halloween party every year and we always try to have a photobooth, but it never works out right. So thanks for this great post!

  14. what a really fantastic idea i love it!

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  15. What a great idea for a party. Thanks for joining in the Monday Parenting Pin it Party