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Shout Out Sunday

Our Seven Dwarfs shared the tutorial on these Cute Couple Mugs.  How fun are these?  Wouldn't they be great for a party?  You can personalize each guests cup in a fun way and then let them take it home as a party favor.  Love it!

She Wears Flowers made a fun Puppet Theatre using PVC pipe.  What a great activity a puppet theatre would be at your next party.  You could make puppets as party favors and let the kids play with them during the games. So fun!

SunScholars shared the tutorial on these Easter Chicks and Bunnies favors.  Aren't they so cute?  I love how easy they are to make and how fun they would be to have at your celebration.  You can put all kinds of yummy treats in these and use as a craft or a place setting at your your Easter party.

A Little Bit of This and That shared these Mini Cupcake Bits.  Don't they look so yummy?  They look rather easy to make and so cute.  I am definitely going to try these at a party in the future. I think mini food always looks better than regular stuff.  I wonder if someone can figure out a way to make broccoli mini and then cover it in chocolate...maybe my kids would eat it then.

Heavenly Cake Pops has come up with an amazing Cake Pop Roller.  I showed you last week the Cake Ball Maker, but this is so cool.  I couldn't imagine how this worked until I watched the little video.  Now I want this baby so much!  I make so many cake balls, and it's so time consuming, but totally worth it.  But this baby would make things so much easier.  So Santa if you're reading my blog, this is what I want for Christmas! Or my birthday! Or my Un-birthday!  Pretttttyyyyyyy Pllleeaaasee!

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