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Spring Break Shindig: Twilight Party

Here's a fun party for you to enjoy while I'm on Spring Break enjoying time with family.

Christy shared this amazing Twilight Party on her blog ..From Glitter to Gumdrops.
I love how her friends decided to get together and celebrate the "half-way" point until the release of the next Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn."  What a great reason to celebrate...hey, when isn't a great reason to celebrate?  But a good movie and good friends seems like a great reason to me.
She centered her Twilight party around the Honeymoon theme in the Breaking Dawn books.  If you don't know, Bella and Edward get married and go to a beautiful private island to enjoy their honeymoon.  This beach theme is everywhere in Christy's party.
I love these coconut cups that were used.  How fun is that?

The other fun theme going through the party were eggs.
If you haven't read the book, I won't spoil it, but we'll just say that Eggs are a pretty big part of the honeymoon.  Christy had eggs in her decorations and food.  So fun!

Check out some of the other great theme food the ladies had!
Gotta love the Werewolf Kibble!
You NEED to go check out her blog to see the great games at this Twilight party.  This werewolf pinata complete with abs and jean shorts is just amazing!  And only a part of the fun games the ladies had.

Christy does not lack in any part of her party even the favors.  The sparkles on the bags for Team Edward is totally genius!

Go check out all her great details.  I know you'll ask to be on the next guest list like I will!

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