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Gift Idea Week: Box Templates & Printable

Sometimes all it takes to make a simple gift into something extraordinary is the presentation, but if you are gift wrap challenged, it can be difficult to present in a cute way.

Fortunately, gift boxes were invented for a personal and fun gift idea.

Most templates are super easy for you to personalize for the event or recipient.  Simply add your favorite graphics in your graphic program, or even just print out the template on the back of some super cute scrapbook paper.

Then score and glue along the edges of your template box.

Now just add some cute gift ideas such as a candle, a candy bar, or one of our personalized name plaques!  It's a quick and easy amazing way to make a simple gift EXTRAORDINARY!

There are many great places to get some great templates...two of my favorites are:
I'm sure there are lots more if you do a search for box templates.

For a cute gift box for any of our popular wall or door plaques, I have included a printable for you. One of them has a birthday theme with a blank back and the other is blank so you can add any graphics for any holiday or occasion.

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