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Alice in Wonderland Croquet on a Cheapskate's Budget

You can't have any Alice in Wonderland party without offering Flamingo Croquet!

But I've looked everywhere for a cute (CHEAP), easy (CHEAP), fun (CHEAP) croquet set that I can either remake or up-cycle into a flamingo with no luck.

I certainly have seen some cute ones...

I will tell you that I am not good with wood...I don't have the skills (and Hubby won't let me near a saw after the Cheese Grater Incident.)  I couldn't find any croquet mallets that were in my budget (which is almost 'nil.)  And the only flamingos that I could find were at Dollar Tree and really small.

So I was stuck....what do I do?
Forgo the Flamingo Croquet?


So I made mine own.
I can't tell you for sure if they work since we haven't played yet...but after having my kids walk around "wacking" everything they could with seems to hold up pretty well.

I don't know if you can get the complete idea that it's a pink flamingo from Disney's Alice in Wonderland version, but the idea is there.

And the great thing is...they were in my budget.
Each mallet only cost me $1.30 (ish).

This one is only the prototype to see if it would work or not.  "The Perfectionist" wants me to add some feathers to the back. I don't know if we'll do that or not.  What do you think?

You can find the directions HERE.  Or, I've since made an easier set that uses a set from Amazon.  You can find the directions for those HERE.
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  1. Totally add the feathers! Either up the handle or just fluffing out the other and of the mallet!

    Can't wait to see the final set :)

  2. Hi my name is Kayleen. How did you make the Alice In Wonderland Croquet Set.

  3. I am interesting in finding out how to you made the Croquet set. My daughter is wanting to do her sweet 16 in Alice in Wonderland theme. HELP!!!



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