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Alice in Wonderland Game Ideas

Entertaining 10 (or more) boys and girls at an Alice in Wonderland birthday party is going to be rather interesting.  I have been doing a lot of research and brainstorming, and this is what I came up with...

Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat

This game would be pretty much just like it sounds.  Find a picture online of the Cheshire cat and cut it out.  If you want, you can take it to a copy center and have it enlarged.  Also copy several of the cat's grins (at least one per person) and cut them out. 

To play, blindfold each player and have them try and place the grin as close to the proper place on the hat as possible.

Another version of this would be to play Pin the Hat on the Mad Hatter or Pin the Watch on the White Rabbit.

Tea Party Chairs

This is the classic game of musical chairs.  You can use a bunch of mismatched chairs for extra fun.  Also use the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack for a theme touch.

"I'm Late" White Rabbit Race
Hop fast with the white rabbit in a sack relay race.  Divide the children up into two different teams.  Have each team hop down to a predetermined spot and back using a sack or pillow case.  Switch team members and have the next member hop down and back until everyone has had a turn.  The first team to finish wins. 

Caterpillar Bubble Blow

Have a bubble blowing contest.  Choose real bubble gum for big beautiful bubbles (none of the cheapy, sugar free stuff for good bubbles!)  Make sure you have rulers on hand to help measure who blows the biggest bubbles.

Or you could try this with liquid bubbles.  You can buy big bottles of bubble solution from Dollar Tree or Walmart and find lots of different sizes of string and fun implements to see who can make the most or the largest bubbles.

Tea Pot Relay Race

Find a large bucket and fill it with water.  Have another  smaller bucket a set distance away.  Find 2 equal size tea cups (preferably not breakable if someone should fall while racing.)

Split the players into two teams. Have the first player on each team scoop some water out of the first bucket and run to the other bucket.  Player pours the water into the second bucket trying to fill it.  Then he or she runs back to his team and hands of the tea cup.  The second player fills the cup and races down to empty it.  The first team to fill their second bucket wins.

Tea Bag Toss

Find several different sizes of tea cups and line them up on the ground.  Use several blocks cut from thick foam sheets to look like sugar cubes. 

Players must toss the sugar cubes into the team cups from a distance away. Each cup counts for a different score depending upon the size.  The larger the cup, the less points it's worth.  The player with the most points wins.

You could also play this with different hats as a Mad Hatter Toss game.

Queen of Heart Croquet

To be in Wonderland, you have to play Flamingo croquet.  Find a croquet set and place the "holes" around the yard for a fun game.  Dress up your sticks to look like flamingos for extra Wonderland excitement.

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  1. Wow, how creative of you!!! Love how every game idea ties in perfectly with the whole Alice story. Great!