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Giveaway Week: Summer Daze is Here!

So it's been one of THOSE days....and its not looking like it's going to get better anytime soon.
I lost my hard drive this morning with ALL my files and graphics on it.  We're talking thousands and thousands and thousands of projects, graphics, and pictures.  I'm trying desperately to figure out if it can be saved, but not getting much help in the tech department from the local "nerd herd."
So until I can get myself up and moving again, we are putting "Alice in Wonderland" on hold and I'm going to celebrate Summer coming with the Summer Daze giveaway hosted by While He Was Napping.  What better way to cheer myself up and enjoy a little summer than a little giving and winning from some amazing ladies?
It'll be a fantastic week of amazing giveaways!  And what better way to get all ready for summer than with a chance at some really cool, free stuff?!  Each day, from June 6-11, three new giveaways will open.  Giveaways will be open for four days, so make sure you get your entries in before they close.  You will need to visit the host blog to enter.  Entry requirements vary per host. 

Let's get this party started!  Today's giveaways are courtesy of:
Mindie @ Bacon Time With the Hungry, Hungry Hypo.  She has a wonderful fabric rosette bracelet and matching summer scarf up for grabs!  The bracelet has an adjustable stainless steel band with "follow your dreams" engraved on both sides.  A single pearl adorns the bracelet for a light, yet sophisticated feel.
And Delina @ Dew This has a super cool, year round countdown calendar kit. Choose your preferred holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Easter), spend a little quality time with your crafty self and get your countdown on.
These giveaways will close on Friday, June 10, so head over to these blogs and get your entries in for both of these fantastic prizes.  And come back for tomorrow’s giveaways!

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