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Craft: Epic Fail

I admit it...I'm cooked.

It's been one of those crazy days, where I haven't stopped running from the moment I got out of bed this morning.  The only time I've sat still is when I spent HOURS driving around town running errands.  It's been crazy.

Finally, about 4:30, I got home and started dinner.  While dinner was in the oven, I started working on a project for Mini Me's water birthday party this weekend.  We are going to have several different water stations and one of them was going to be a large sprinkler for the kids to run through made from PVC pipe.

I first got the idea from Come Together Kids here and since then Family Fun has a version here.  My version was going to be BIG and GRAND and the kids were going to LOVE it.  Well....this is what happens when you don't take a moment to totally read the directions, the reviews, and the "helpful hints" on a project.

(as my kids would say.)
Do you see how low he has to get to get any water? (pretty sad.)

I spent an hour trying to rework it to be able to maximize the water pressure so the water would even make it to the top and down the other side.

I finally got a little action on the far side and on the top, but it was still pretty pathetic.
I admit it.  I finally just let him run.  He had a ball.  He told me it was AWESOME and he LOVES it.  (I'm so grateful for my little one.  He makes my day.)

But I will have it awesome.  I will spend this evening (not my pajamas) reading all the extra helpful hints on these websites...then tomorrow...or the next day...I'll get back to it....and it will be AWESOME, or at least Super Cool.

(But don't tell him in the meantime, his Grandma and I rented him a 18 foot double water slide for the party too!  So if all else fails...he'll be in Splish Splash heaven.)

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