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Super Shindig: Harry Potter Party

I love the Harry Potter books.  I have read them all myself and then read all 7 of them to my boys during bedtime over the past few years.  Not only is it a great story with so much imaginative elements, real characters, and great story line, but it lends itself perfect to a fun Halloween or Birthday party.

This Harry Potter Party by Little Ant Designs is the perfect example of how fun and amazing it can be when Harry and his friends step off the pages and into your party.

Each of the rooms in the Little Ant Designs house got into the fun by "dressing" up for the party by become a room from the books.

I LOVE how simple but perfectly these candles fit into the Great Hall.  Looks almost like the movie with the floating candles everywhere.  It sounds as if this is a pretty easy addition to add too!

The Divination Room had fun games for the guests to play where they could tell their fortunes in a dark, comfy atmosphere.  There is even a Hot Chocolate station there if the dementors came or your fortune was too dreary for you!

The Potions Room is probably my favorite with all the bottles and decanters needed to make the perfect drink for each guest.  And look at all the added touches to make it look just like Snape's classroom!

There were even Hogwarts House Elfs to help if needed!
Go check out Little Ant Designs Harry Potter party for a memorable and AMAZING party.  You'll feel like you stepped into Hogwarts and be inspired to find Harry, Ron, and Hermoine!

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  1. COOL! I'm going to have a HP party as well, but doubt it will top yours ;)