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Cinnabon Popcorn

I have always wanted to try and have a Popcorn bar at one of my parties...after all, who (other than 2 of my crazy children) doesn't like popcorn?  Since the Drama Queen LOVES popcorn, I thought this was the perfect chance to try one.

If you don't know what a popcorn bar is, it's pretty much like any other kind of party dessert bar...there are LOTS of different kinds of popcorn and guests can just pick and choose between the different types of treats to sample and enjoy.

So, for the next few days (while I work on my Garage Sale and a few BIG projects to show you next week) I'm going to share a few of the popcorn recipes that we are making for Drama Queen's Sweet 16.

Today's popcorn recipe is from Get Off Your Butt and Bake.  I was going to show you step by step how to make this

but she has already done a WONDERFUL, in depth job.  So I won't waste your time.  Instead, print off the recipe below and hop over to her blog to see great directions (with LOTS of pics!)

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