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Ice Cubes Gone Wild

It wasn't until I was thinking about ice cubes after yesterday's post, that I really discovered what a cool, imaginative world is out there for the ice cube.  No longer does he have to be a boring, square (ish) design sitting at the bottom of your glass.
Your ice cube can now join the party.
He can dress up in fun designs that enhance your glass and make you proud to carry it around as you mix and mingle.
Check out these fun designs available on Amazon right now...

and I think these Jewels may adorn the guests' drinks at our Oscar party.

So COOL and there are so many more designs available.  Almost anything for any party.  And the cool thing can use these trays for so many other uses than just ice.  Try them for Jello Jigglers, Chocolate Treats, or Cake Pops!  I know I have a few more favorites added to my Wish List now.

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