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Halloween Rag Wreath

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm not sure if it's because of all the bright colors that normally would NEVER go together or the sweet candy everywhere or the fun of dressing up as an adult. There are so many fun aspects of the holiday.

So despite the fact that I technically don't have a front door right now thanks to living in a hotel, I am seriously tempted to run to Jo-Anns and find some super cute fabric to make this Halloween Rag Wreath as shown by Sassy Sanctuary.

It looks so easy to make and the addition of the green EEK just adds a frightfully wonderful touch.

Do you think the hotel would mind if I decorated our door and room for Halloween?  Maybe I could make one for each room!  Okay, so seriously, I guess I'll just have to put this on my list of projects for next year.  (BIG SIGH.)

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