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Neon Glow Birthday Party

Tonight was Drama Queen's 16th Birthday party.


It was quite an evening.  We ended up with 26 kids out of 50, but it was crazy.

We had glow chandeliers hanging from trees

over a dance floor created from glow columns.

We also had glowing food, glowing face paint, and glowing necklaces.

The face paint was an unexpected consequence of mom not supervising a painting project with Crayola's glow in the dark paint.  It got a little out of control, but fortunately, the paint washed off pretty easily and it did look kinda cool.  (But don't tell them I said that.)  They took the paint and painted on their faces fun shapes and when they went outside, it glowed pretty awesome.

The glow food was courtesy of Our Best Bites.  I wish I had been able to take a cool picture, but we got lost in the moment of the party and didn't.  But we replaced 1/2 cup of the water needed in jello jigglers with Tonic water and created the recipe as the box says.  Turned out super fun.

We had a really good time and enjoyed all the glow, dancing, food, and friends.

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