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Shout Out Sunday

Some great party ideas from around the web.

The Gingerbread Blog shared these fun Cupcake wrappers.  I've seen alot of cupcake wrappers before, but I love these made from maps.  I don't know if it's that I'm looking at our long moving road trip next week or what, but I'm thinking a moving party with these would be so much fun!  These would even be super cute at a themed Cars' birthday party.  I love looking around and seeing things that aren't normally used in a party and finding fun ways to use them.  So clever.

All Artful shared the DIY on these Glow in the Dark Spider Balls.  Aren't these just the greatest?  These look so easy with such a BIG impact. They would be the "funnest" decoration at a Halloween party ever.  I love the glow in the dark aspect and will definitely keep my eyes out for that paint!  I didn't even know it existed.
Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line shared this Itty Party in a Bitty Bag.  I can't get over what a cute idea this is.  Just add a cupcake for a great birthday on the go! This would be a GREAT idea to mail in a card for a far away friend's birthday.  I know I will try this when I move for all my dear friends still living here. 

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